Fire ants

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    I thought I posted this a few minutes ago but it sure doesn't look like it now. I was attacked by fire ants two weeks ago on my left foot. I have always lived in the north and we don't have them up there. I now live in SC and they are all over. I am now in a huge flare that I gradually worked into after they bit me several times. Does anyone know if they are toxic enough to send you into a flare?
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    Betsy at one time I lived in Georgia with my two year old son. He had a habit of sitting on nests. I discovered that keeping a tub of tepid water mixed with soda would stop the stinging. Their bites are very acidic. The bites mad my son ill and his scares stayed for years. I do believe that they are possibly toxic enough to cause a flare.
    Never place items on the ground and shake out all clothing before putting it on and watch where you step are the only way to prevent bites.
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    Thank you so much for the info, I too thought the toxicity may have an affect but was just fishing for more info