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    I am asking for prayers for the residents in the city of Prescott, Arizona. Arizona is in it's 7th year of drought and we are experiencing wildfires all over the state. This afternoon a fire started in a camping area outside of Prescott and has been spreading rapidly through the pine trees with the help of 30mph wind gusts. It has already burned 7 homes and 500 acres. Residents are being evacuated from their homes and a State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor. Please pray for the safety of these people and also for the safety of the firefighters (900 of them). My son and his girlfriend live in Prescott, so I am also asking for prayers for them. They have not been evacuated yet, but if the winds shift, they will. Also, this is a part of my husbands job, he is the Deputy Director of our County's Emergency Services and is on edge as with all of the other Counties. If a fire should start in our area, it could be devastating. So, could you also please pray for those in authority that is having to deal with this parched season. Blessings, Deena
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    Deena, I was just going to post the same thing.
    My husband and I just got done praying about it.

    It sure does look bad with at least 7 homes lost already. I will add your son and girlfriend to my prayer. Like they said, our entire State is a tinder box. We sure do need to pray for rain.

    We moved down here 2 yrs. ago from Munds Park which is a small town surrounded by forests. My husband is a former fire figher and from living there, I know how these AZ towns can be affected.

    Thanks to all for praying for us in Arizona and esp. those affected by this big fire.

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    Deena, will be praying for all concerned, your family and that those fires die out, and you have some much needed rain too.

    We are in a drought condition here in Louisiana too. Not as bad as yours, but its not looking good either.

    God bless hon, and keep all safe from harm.

    Firefighters are a very special group of people, they are in harms way all their lives.

    Shalom, Shirl