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    Hey Guys,

    I have to say it is comforting to have you guys to talk to. My freinds and family are suportive but this is so hard to understand.

    Hey the names Trooper and Ranger....i love dogs and all animals...we have two cats as well. When I am feelimg really sick they are always there for me.

    Jill....before treatment and before dx did your symptoms come and go and change? Did you have muscle twitching? Were your legs really weak?

    It seems like I can go to the gym and do upper body...but no lower body stuff at all...not even walking.

    Well I am off to take the dogs on the 4 wheeler...

    Hope you both have a good weekend.... stay well and keep getting stronger!!

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    Good Sat. Morning:

    yes nice to have the support from all the people here. Do you live in the country lesley? I'm wondering since you go 4 wheeling.

    My sons love all the toys for fun. Last summer we bought a sea-doo for the cottage and a water trampoline and they had a blast. I used to go into the water with my ditigal and zoom in on them coming in on the kneeboard behind the sea-doo. Got some great pictures. I was however on doxycycline last summer and really had to watch the sun.

    I'm so glad you've decided to test and consult with Dr. M. Will he advise your physician? Is there a chance you could fly to Vancouver. Dr. M. told me he has patients from the Maritimes.

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    Hey Cindy,

    Yes we live in the country on water which is great in the summer. We to have a sea doo and love it!! My toys are what keep me going since I can longer exercise.

    You know flying to Vancouver if it gets to that is a possibility. I will do the Igenex test which will take a few weeks and see what the results are. I think my doctor would be willing to be guided by Dr. Murakami and that would be great.

    I would start treatment for lyme right now if my doctor would do may come to that anyways...i hate the not knowing part.

    well have a gret weekend...feel well and talk to you soon.

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