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    That's so interesting how the sinuses and lymes are connected.

    Was your vision fuzzy? I almost felt like I was going blind. So much pressure in my head. That's starting to go away now. My brain was turning to mush.

    I've been on the antibiotics since July and last week added the flagl. My herxing has dimenshed greatly.

    Were you on any antivirals? I'm on amantadine. It's suppose to help penetrate the doxcycline.

    It's amazing that I perservered during these last 4 months because it's been rough to say the least. How long have you been on the antibiotics? This is going to be long-term for me.

    I just talked to my FFC doctor and I asked her if I was one of the sickest patients and she said I was up in the
    "TOP 25%".

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    Thanks for reply. You mentioned that you have a summer home in Wisconsin and that's probably where you were bit. Well we have a cottage in Canada, the cottage is set back in the bush.

    We were clearing brush and I was piling old logs that were on swamply wet ground. Shortly after that my husband got a bad case on poison oak or poison ivy and went to doctor.

    I got a expanding red rash on my right trunk. Went to doctor and he could not decifer what kind of rash it was. Kept looking and looking at it. Finally said he thought it was shingles! Didn't look like shingles to me. Gave me cream and sent me away. It was a few weeks after that I started with the blacking out in my eyes, double vision, sore ears, almost like I was going to pass out.

    It was a scary time. I did not have the pain until about 1 year after. The neurological stuff was my first symtpoms. I've never put the rash in the forefront until this year.

    I've also seen many specialists, been to eye doctor, ENT's, tried many natural routes like naturopaths, acupunture, chiro, neurofeedback etc. Spent a whack of money all to no avail.

    I have a feeling if I would not have gone to the FFC I was on the road to being bedridden. They at least took the blood tests that I so needed.


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