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    Hey Jill,

    Thanks so much for your posting....your story is much like mine it is crazy...My first bout of symptoms were in July of 2002...i came down with very very swollen glands and crushing fatigue...this lasted about 8 weeks...then in 2004 right at Christmas time it hit me again....buzzing in my legs, crazy fatigue, headache, dizzy and muscle twitching, so weak I could not walk well. Like you my journey went on with countless doctors. So far I have had 4 MRI'S, evoked response testing, EMG, and a lovely Lumbar puncture. All my tests have been crystal clear. MS has been ruled out, so has Lupus etc...

    My present action that I am taking is ...My family doctor, who is being very co-operative, is sending a blood sample out West for the Western Blot testing. Do you think this is the route to go?

    How is your treatment going? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

    Thanks so much for your information...this board has been so great...take care..
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