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    Hi Jill,

    I have been reading your posts with Jar....when you say you sound just like her that is what I keep saying when I read your posts. Your symptoms are identical to mine! This past week has sucked....i feel brutal and simply neurologically screwed up. My neuroligist told me to stop dwelling on MS and other neurological problems!!

    I did get back two Lyme tests....big surprise they were negative. I am waiting for two more. I think I will just go ahead and order the u think thats a good idea?

    My husband and I went in and talked to my family doctor...he is being quite good and would even consider treatment with negative results.....he would like to have the advice of an LLMD though. I have been consulting with Dr. Murakami.

    Do I sound like I am on the right track? At any time did you suspect you might have MS? All my tests for MS...MRI'S, lumbar puncture and EMG came back clear.

    Thanks for any info you can pass on....I do feel like this is a very lonely battle.

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    I'm always so impressed with your explainations Firecop. My mind gets so boggled up and have a hard time putting my thoughts on paper.

    Anyway I'm officially on the amoxicillan and tinidazole full doze. Dr. M. said I might not herx as bad since I've been on some form of abx since the summer.I had a bad back headache on Tues. Head felt like it was going to pop.

    Lesley: What does Dr. M. recommend for you? I do remember him telling me that with my IgM Igenex bands the only other bacteria it could be was syphillus and I don't have that.

    He wants to see me again in one month and I think my husband is going to drive me.

    Firecop, do you take vitamins and supplements? I'm still following the FFC protocol with the hormones, Proboost, NT Factor etc.

    Keep up with the lymes posts. Really helps.