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  1. Didoe

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    i'm sure firecrackers are banned in your neighborhood, they are in my neck of the woods, but clearly no one told the natives.

    Cat used to be terrified of the noise and stayed under bed for hours.

    Mr. Boo wasn't sure what was exploding right outside our window and what he supposed to do when the freakin popping seemed to be in the next room, so I explained the political situation in Central Asia and how it contextually absorbes both wastewater explansion and solar conglomerates within nuclear funded theocracies--of course we discussed this in regard to Nietzche's observations about mooning Kierkegaard when he wasn't looking, by then Mr. Boo began using sign language, waving his front paws and spreading his hinds legs wide open, farted.

    Does anyone else have a cat that farts? The first time he pulled this, we were in bed together for the first time. You might expect this on a second date...
    He belches too.
  2. texangal81

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    No, she doesn't fart, but I'm having a hard time coaxing her down from the ceiling fan. The dog took to her bed after I offered her a Xanax hours ago, she hates the 4th. The cat refused drugs, she's obviously adopted and not of my blood.

    So I sit here with both animals cowering (well one is cowering, the other is mellowed on Xanax) listening to the very legal in Harris County, Texas fireworks. Wait, what's that smell??
  3. Didoe

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    nothing like having to change my drawers first thing in the mornin, thank ya kindly

    your veterinary expertise is something to ponder, i was never able to keep pills down Cat's throat...bought one of those pill injecters designed to shoot a pill down their little gullets....she'd give a dainty cough and hurl the pill across the room...where the dog would promptly go sniff and drool to see if it was a snack meant for him.
  4. texangal81

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    My first child, the female siamese named coco had a chronic ailment that the vet finally decided was due to exposure to the leukemia virus, which she managed to shake off.

    When she first got sick, we had to give her 2 pills 2-3x/day. What an nightmare. We finally gave up and took her up to the vet, a wonderful young Pakistani Doctor - Dr. Mo. We explained we could not get the pills in her. He looked at us very knowingly and said "one minute please" and took her in the back.

    For a few minutes we heard hissing, howling, screaming, a few mild profanities, and then he walked back in the office with Coco and said triumphently "you need to use a little wegetable oil to wet the pill and it will slide right down".

    We loaded her back in the car and headed home. We'd been home about 20 minutes when she hopped up on my lap and I swear she GRINNED! I looked at her closely and matted up near her ear was the oil-coated pill.

    After a while, I got pretty good at grabbing her with one hand, bracing myself against the counter and with the other hand I would dip the pill in oil and pry her mouth open and push the pill down so far she would be forced to swallow it. She would run off, totally demoralized and defeated only to return 15 minutes later, happily padding around the house while singing a quiet little tune. The pill I gave her? Torbitrol, otherwise known as "kitty codeine" *LOL*.
  5. Didoe

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    there is nothing like a cat. I had to live with a dog my ex brought in these 2.5 rooms for 9 months...until now I dont know how (I think why is the operative word) people do it...I'll say no more.
  6. Rafiki

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    despite your unfortunate canine prejudices, are a riot. Please keep it up!

    Your biggest lurker,

  7. greygodess

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    Yes I have cat that farts. Sometimes I think that is why he was abandoned. I named him Rudy after Rudolph Valentino (he was such a love) but eventually started calling him Rude Dude for his lovely odor.

    He doesn't care about fireworks and neither does one of our dogs but the other hides under the desk and shakes for hours. I keep all the xanax for myself. Godbless
  8. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I hope you realize all this lurking ends once you tie the knot; your wife will not take kindly to you staying up at the screen for nothing more important than farting and belching cats.

    And unless she's very unusual, she wont believe you're up lurking due to cats, she'll begin to suspect its another woman.

    Save yourself and your marriage dear while you can (from here, not your wife:)
  9. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    something to talk about!

    Why, oh why, do people think I'm a man?!


  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    you guys are so funny.

    Did you name coco from the LJBraun Cat Who books or straight from the Mikado?

    We have four guys here, the two dogs are now gone. The cats used to sleep with the dogs/

    re pills and pharts.

    My vet told me that despite dire warnings that most pills can be crushed in foods. They now have a thyroid med that you rub in the ear, so maybe your Indian Vet had intended that (LOL)

    Cats who phart are usually alergic to milk products or need to eat grass more.

    We have an elaborate "catio" for our guys, 20 x 24 covered area with redneck style furniture in, that adjoins a similar sized fenced yard (cat proofed)they have a wading pool for their outside litter box that I noticed yesterday is growing grass. The grass won't grow much on the lawn, but seems to like the litter box. We did this so they would think we were planting flowers in a new "garden" to keep them off the real planted area. We have borders around and learned to sprinkle pepper on the border edge to keep the kitties away.

    I sometimes end up with all four cats in a line down my body as I sleep but they never venture to my DH's side, he jiggles about too much. However, whilst I was just absent for 9 days they did cross over, but reverted back last night just to help with the heat and humidity problem nothing like four cat blankets.

    Love Annie
  11. Didoe

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    'Rafi' is a common Middle East & Israeli nic name;

    I assumed incorrectly and apologize...just flip it over and your husband will eventually wonder why you're up all night online searching for farting cats...or something like that.

  12. texangal81

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    Her brother Rico was named for Ron Rico Rum. My ex wanted to name him Bacardi but I thought that was such a stupid name *L*. Even though we prefered Barcardi Rum to Ron Rico Rum, I just liked the name Ron Rico better.

    Good thing we didn't have a third cat - can you imagine explaining the name "Pineapple Juice"??????
  13. Granniluvsu

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    OMG, all your guys and gals are cracking me up. You are to funny describing all of your cats, not wanting to take their , pills, the farting and all that stuff. It cracks me up.

    I know years ago when we had a cat it was a very big chore to give her a pill and that is when I was a kid. I am sure many of them were found somewhere else in the house, after we all thought she had taken it. Cats are very crafty. Dogs are smart too but cats are really something else. We had both but not at the same time.

    After the past few days I was looking for Didoes posts to see if anything else strange was going on with MR. Boo
    and Boo Too.

    Hugs to you all,

  14. Rafiki

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    Apology accepted though unnecessary. You're not the first to think Rafiki is a man's handle. In fact, it is the Swahili word for friend.


    ETA I've just been informed that Rafiki is also the name of a character in an animated movie. HE is an old monkey. Yes, well, now I see.

    I insist that everyone sing along with Zap Mama's fantastic song, Rafiki, to shake loose the monkey image and connect with the hip global feminist vibe I was aimin' for. Ready? Ok, sing!

    Nilipata Rafiki
    Na penda rafiki
    Na bakie

    Sit down here and
    Tell me a story
    When you're with friends
    No need to hurry
    No more rush, no more haste
    No more

    When you're with friends
    No need to hurry
    No more rush, no more haste
    No more

    Time to see sisters
    Face to face
    Time to talk, time to breathe
    I can believe
    I have a friend
    Now I believe[This Message was Edited on 07/09/2008]