Fired from my job today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Beadlady, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Beadlady

    Beadlady Member

    I just can no longer keep up with everything--no matter how hard I tried.

    I've made a lot of errors lately and been having a hard time trying to grasp some new stuff.

    Of course they do this on the last day of the month--too late for me to be added to my husb's health insurance plan.

    I'm sure my personnel file contains a mountain of all their documentation on me.

    So, this weekend I will start on my resume again.

    This is the first time I have ever been fired in the 30 years I have been working.


    I worked for this company for 7 yrs & 2 months

    when I wrote 30 years I meant working jobs since High School
    sorry if I confused anyone*********[This Message was Edited on 09/01/2006]
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear about the termination. Will you be talking to an atty about possible actions? Apply for soc sec; Americans w/ Disabilities action; workers' compensation; unlawful termination?

  3. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    I am sorry you lost your job. I know how that feel I lost a job several years ago due to FMS.

    This might be a good opportunity to take a little time for you while collecting unemployment.

    While I was on unemployment several years ago I decided to return to school and was able to go through a program connected with the state unemployment program.

    It enabled me to start another career...just a thought :)

    Best of luck to you,

    Karen :)
  4. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience. I had worked at my job for 32 years and if I had not had to go on medical leave, that would have happened to me.

    I guess in a way it did. They terminated my job after I could not return to work after my FMLA expired. It really upset me even though I was so sick there was no way I could have returned.

    To look at the positive side, maybe you can take this time to take care of yourself. I hope you find something positive from what happened to you.

  5. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Oh Beadlady! I'm SO SORRY!

    I unerstand the feeling of not being able to keep up with everything, and making lots of mistakes in the process. It's so frustrating!

    You seem to have a good attitude, wanting to start on your resume again already.

    Maybe you should take a little time for yourself though, and not rush back out there. (If you can afford it) Just a week or so, you know.

    well, take care and keep reminding yourself you are a valuable and wonderful person!

  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Maybe you can use the long weekend to relax a bit and
    regroup. Will you be able to apply for U.I. or are you
    going to have to fight them for it? Please don't inter-
    pret this as a personal defeat but rather as an opport-
    --unity to deal with other issues.

    You know you have all are support!
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    As my former mother-in-law use to say : "We've been

    'KICKED OUT' of better places!"

  8. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I'm so sorry. I know something like this eats away at one's self esteem. Don't let it make you feel any less worthy; it's not your fault. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Perhaps you were meant to have some time for yourself. Eventually, you may find something that really feeds your soul.

    Hang in there and do something nice for youeself.
  9. netnut

    netnut New Member

    Im sorry this happened to you.

    I worked for Social Services too and when I started getting really bad with the fibro/arthritis and my bipolar and needed to take FMLA they suddenly decided that my job position was being eliminated.

    They made it so hard on me that I basically just quit. You would think that a place called Social Services would be more understanding.

    If you have worked there 30 years, wouldnt you be eligible for medical retirement?

    I had something really bad happen to me where I worked between a supervisor and a program manager and me. They literally touched me physically in a sexually inappropriate manner and made demeaning remarks to me about my weight. I was so shell shocked that I was scared to do anything about it. I should have sued the pants off them. I will always regret it.
  10. lighthouselady

    lighthouselady New Member

    I too lost my job due to this disease and the hospital's stupidity. I have now filed for SSDI and have my first denial, now I've filed for reconsideration. It's a long process but I've realized that I couldn't work anymore. It's all I can do to get going in the morning. As others have said, there are routes you can take if you really want it back, the Civil Rights Commission, a lawyer, etc. It's been 11 months and it still hurts terribly that they could get rid of me after 25 years in the same office.

    Just know we are all here for you.

  11. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    It's a shame how social service agencies seem to be among the worse offenders when it comes to accommodating people with chronic illness.
  12. 143alan

    143alan New Member

    I also work in Social Services and have been having a harder and harder time. Like you I'm making more mistakes and having more and more pain that I think is from the stress of more and more work we're being told to do. I've been out three days just this pay period because of tremendous pain to the point where I could not walk. I also have OA, FM & DDD.

    Coworkers give me a hard time about being out and make horrible comments. I have a caseload of 327 people, most of which think I'm suppose to solve every problem in their lives. As you know it's tremendously stressful, demanding job.

    File for unemployment. You can't get UI if you quit a job but you can if you're terminated unless they claim misconduct on your part and that's not the case so you could get some income during this time. Also, appeal the termination so that maybe the board will let you take retirement instead.

    I'm trying to find out what my options are in that area also because I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to keep working fulltime and they won't let me work part-time.

    Hang in there and take care and let us know how it's going.

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  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Can they do that? I thought you had to have so many warnings verbal and written first?

    I do know there is atrend of getting rid of people who are "older" and this can mean 35!!!

    My SIL worked the same company for 24 years and went in one day and they had locked her office and "retired" her. She was about to turn 59 and getting up to the stage where the company had to provide more pension benefits.

    This stinks. Shame on them.

    Love Anne
  14. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I just read your reply. In the Uk we used to say: "I've been fired from better jobs than this one."

  15. makezmuzic

    makezmuzic New Member

    So sorry Beadlady. Don't they get it??? Pain & fatigue make getting anywhere and being functional a some time thing. I wish you the best. Take it from another "BeadLady", maybe this is the time to apply for ssdi, work on healing yourself and doing some beadwork.

    Hang in there. I know it cant look much worse. But it must go up from here. Take care.

    ps, I know Cobra is priced out of this world, but you might be able to get assistance with your cobra payment until your hubbies next medical sign -up date? I hope Sweetie.
  16. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    Remember when God closes a door He opens a window.

    He must have something better for you. Good Luck in your searching.
  17. painintheeverywhere

    painintheeverywhere New Member

    Schedule a meeting with your supervisor, the office head manager and a district manager or call the state for a meeting. Make them pay you disability compensation and allow you time off. They can make a retro-decision that benefits you and them (before you call the local media)

    Don't take no for an answer. You were obviously a good worker to have been there 7 yrs. Let them know in the meeting - not through secretary's that you understand your rights have been violated and you have been discriminated against and unfairly treated!

    I absolutely HATE unfair treatment. I have managed several businesses now and would approach an employee and look at options with them if I felt they were having medical issues.

    Good Luck!!!


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