Fired my doctor!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by solargirl451, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. solargirl451

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    Hello everyone!

    Well I did the best thing I could ever do for myself....I fired my doctor and found a new one!!!! This new doctor is far more understanding and compassionate. I hope that anyone out there who is having problems with their doc., does the same. Don't be afraid to "shop" around. You are not only a patient, but a consumer.

  2. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Cynthia:

    Good for you! I think we all have to keep in mind that we are the customer, and if we are not getting good service, then we need to go elsewhere! Glad you found a more supportive, helpful doctor.

  3. jpswife_4boys

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    sounds like you made the right decision! I always say I hired you and I can fire you. If not for us you would be jobless! LOL Good Luck with your new dr.

  4. Lendi

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    I've had a rough time with my PCP, who doesn't believe in CFS, only sleep disorders and depression. I was going to shop around, but I'm panicky at the idea. I have an appt. with a rheumy next week and I'm so afraid of what he'll say. (Made the appt. myself since my Dr. doens't believe anything is wrong that a sleeping pill and anti-depressant won't cure.) I'm not worried that he'll say I'm sick, I know I'm sick, I'm worried that he'll just say that I'm just depressed. I just can't believe that depression can cause this much brain fog, and pain and fatigue. Besides, I don't feel sad about life in general, just this stupid DD. My neuro diagnosed me with CFS but told me to "rest" and come back in 4 months. Not helpful. I needed to be reminded that there are good Dr.s out there. Thanks
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    Hello Cynthia, I use to live in Ohio but gave it up for warmer weather. I attended the Mid-Ohio Practical Nurses course many years ago.. never really worked in the field except for the hands on training while taking the course. Finding a doctor is a very difficult task at times. Since you are a L.P.N. do a search on and tell me what you think? I've been on their program for over a year. While it did not work for everyone that started the same time I did it has been the ticket for me. It's a six month course then self medication (as needed) after that.

    best of luck hope you haven't froze back in Ohio will send some arizona sun shine.
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    We spend winters in Florida and it makesit difficult with doctors. Last year I had a pain specialist here in Florida who seemed so caring, telling me he was my advocate as his patient, this year he is looking at my medications and saying " they are going to say why am I giving this lady( I believe he wanted to say OLD lady ) all this medication. I am 75 but I also have a LOT of pain. I am petrified that he is planning on taking some of my pain meds. away from me. He is the one who set me on this schedule of meds. last year. I have pain to some degree all the time even with the meds. I could not stand it if he decides to take some of it away. They have our lives in their hands as far as quality of life and that I don`t have now muc anyway. Can`t imagine what changed him but hope it does`nt effect my life.