First Aid for DieOff Reactions

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    a friend got this from her doctor. i'm passing it along. -- rivka

    First Aid for Die-Off Reactions

    When clearing organisms, the clean up process must stay ahead of the killing of organisms otherwise people feel horrible fatigue and flu-like symptoms. The elimination organs are the skin, bowel and kidneys and we need to optimize the function of all of them. Endotoxin works against us by tricking the body into believing that it should decrease bile production, reduce blood flow to the kidney and skin, and dump large amounts of iodine from our tissues into the urine. We must stay ahead of all of these problems. There will be times when you have a bad day because you over did exercise, sauna, vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, or antivirals and you will need to do something fast to save the day. Here are some ways to normalize energy production and minimize die-off reactions:

    A.) The basics: (we especially need the ocean and the sun during an endotoxin challenge. Move to Hawaii if you can! If not, then do the next best thing-- make your own.)

    1.) Water: many people don't know they are dehydrated, but feel achy instead of thirsty.
    Drink 2 quarts a day of filtered water daily (no chlorine...consider Brita filters).
    2.) Salt: All salt is not created equal. Read the book "Salt Your Way to Health" and start using
    unrefined Celtic Sea Salt. Must say "unrefined". It will not be white salt. Helps adrenal function.
    3.) Iodoral: Endotoxin forces the kidneys to dump iodine and we feel worse without it.
    Use body temp and saliva pH as a guide. If you are cold (below 98F) and acidic (pH below 7.2), try a
    bit more Iodoral and unrefined salt and water.
    4.) Heat: Hot baths with epsom salt and sea salt work for spasms, and near infrared sauna is
    powerful. Create fever (temp above 99F), it increases immune function and blood flow . With
    enough salt and water inside, the sauna will allow us to make full use of our largest elimination organ---
    the skin. Replenish water and salt after sauna.
    5.) Sunlight: Stimulates the pineal gland, improves sleep. Get outside without sun glasses.

    B.) Vitamin C Mutants: (all but 4 of God's creatures make Vit C from glucose. Big problem for us.)

    1.) Vitamin C Flush: Use powdered, buffered vitamin C during die-off. Increase to bowel
    tolerance (loosens GI) then back off by 25%. Some people can take more than 30 grams a day
    without any bowel issues and feel much better for doing it. It is in your blood for only 3 hours.
    2.) Go to <> for more info on the need for more Vit. C
    during die-off reactions. We must stay ahead of the enemy's molecules! Running out of something
    basic that we need to function makes us sick and tired. Fortunately Vit. C powder is inexensive.

    C.) Mitochondrial Support: (helping the energy production part of the cell reduces spasms and fatigue)

    1.) D-Ribose: 1-2 scoops empty stomach, can combine with any med, take as much as needed.
    2.) Pyruvate: 500 mg take 4 at a time until better. Increase energy and exercise endurance.
    3.) Alpha-lipoic Acid + Carnitine: 2 tabs, may repeat as many times as needed.
    4.) CoQ10: 200 mg daily is usually good enough.
    5.) Vit B12: 3 cc twice a week or extra sublingual 3x a day
    6.) Magnesium: extra oral or 2 cc shot can really help. Epsom salt bath increases Mg too.
    7.) Plaquenil: normalizes mitochondrial membranes, decreases die-off, increases energy.

    D.) Endotoxin clearance: (bind it, digest it, sweat it out!)

    1.) Charcoal: 10-20 caps between meals if nauseated. Binds endotoxin in the gut.
    2.) Digestive enzymes: 1-2 with meals or before meals breaks down endotoxin's lipid A with lipase.
    3.) Ursodiol (UrsoForte): 300 mg 1-2 twice daily increases bile volume, prevents endotoxin from
    backing up in the liver.
    4.) Sarsaparilla: binds endotoxin nicely. Take as much as you like. Used to make root beer!
    5.) Milk Thistle: Similar to Ursodiol. Supports liver.
    6.) N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): supports liver by making glutathione. Kills spore form of Cpn.
    7.) Vitamin C laxitive effect: Constipation will increase toxicity. If Vit C doesn't keep the gut
    working, consider an enema if very constipated.
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    we started a thread about how to detox from die off, would apply no matter what critter you're killing off:


    <a href-">here</a>

    (I hope the hyperlink works, first time I used it lol! Otherwise, copy and paste the whole url)

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    thanks, all, for responding. i checked out the lyme link (found above) and i recommend all look at it.

    has anyone here tried burbur to help with the yucky feelings that come with heavy detox?

    - rivka
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    Thank you for sharing this! It's a lot of food for thought!

    I haven't heard of Ursodiol. I'll have to look it up.

    Sarsparilla sounds lovely.

    CherylSue is a big fan of burbur. You could check out some of her old posts.

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    thank you so much. sascha
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    I seem to get VERY achy/burning sensations instead of fatigue and flu-like symptoms that people talk about. Does anyone else have this issue and is there anything specific to deal with it?

    I don't feel well on MANY supplements so I'm reluctant to get too experimental with taking many of things listed above. I get headaches on CoQ10, 5-htp and Ultraclear.

    Probiotics seem to cause me severe die-off reactions even at very small doses. I have read that digestive enzymes/proteases are good at dealing with die-off but I don't feel well on higher than normal doses!
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    First, thank you for posting - your list looks very good, with one exception - I looked up Plaquenil, and I don't it would be good for die-off, it looks like a rather dangerous drug, actually - here's a list of side effects from (there are other warnings as well, especially about danger to the eyes and potential for acute psoriasis):

    Side effects of treatment for an acute malarial attack may include:

    Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, heart problems, lack or loss of appetite, mild headache, nausea, vomiting

    Side effects of treatment for lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis may include:

    Abdominal cramps, abnormal eye pigmentation, acne, anemia, bleaching of hair, blind spots, blisters in mouth and eyes, blood disorders, blurred vision, convulsions, decreased vision, diarrhea, difficulty focusing the eyes, diminished reflexes, dizziness, emotional changes, excessive coloring of the skin, eye muscle paralysis, "foggy vision," halos around lights, headache, hearing loss, heart problems, hives, involuntary eyeball movement, irritability, itching, light flashes and streaks, light intolerance, liver problems or failure, loss of hair, loss or lack of appetite, muscle paralysis, muscle weakness and wasting, nausea, nervousness, nightmares, psoriasis (dry, scaly, red skin patches), reading difficulties, ringing in the ears, skin eruptions, skin inflammation and scaling, skin rash, vertigo, vomiting, weariness, weight loss


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    Molybdenum and pantethine can also help with die-off - here's a link to an article I posted awhile ago which talks about this:

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    I'm the friend who passed this list to Rivka. This came from my doctor, Michael Powell in Sacramento. Dr. Powell is constantly improving his protocol, so he may have made update to this since Rivka posted it, but it's a great list as it is.

    I'm on Plaquenil. It's a low dose (most of Dr. Powell's off-label rx's are low dose) and I've had absolutely no side effects from it. I was worried when I read the side effects, too. It sounds like a nasty, scary drug, but I've had absolutely no problems from it. Other patients I know who are also on Plaquenil have also had no side effects from it.

    Also, for anyone searching for info on Dr. Powell, his protocol has evolved from when he was focused on Cpn treatment. He no longer recommends lots of herbs and supplements as he did when he was using lots of antibiotics. He also is not currently focused on vitamin D and IR saunas (although these are still a part, be it very minor, of his protocol). He has learned a tremendous amount from when he was focused on treating Cpn with antibiotics, and has learned many new things since when his protocol was focused on vitamin D and IR saunas. His protocol is constantly evolving.

    So, if you like a doctor who is constantly researching, learning, and trying new things to find a true cure for his patients, Dr. Powell is a great choice. If you're uncomfortable with the constant change, Dr. Powell is probably not a good choice for you.

    Best wishes!

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