first appointment with LLMD and still no diagnosis

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    Hi Everyone, well I had my first appt with LLMD and stillno closer yet to diagnosis. He ordered a confirmation test for band 31 since Ignex still had my blood. It tells if band 31 is from Lyme. He ordered another CD-57 and EBV test again. Also some other test for GI bacteria. Clinically, he said I tested high for BArtonella but he doesn't think I have Lyme. Can you have Bartonella without Lyme? Also, he said since my IGM was all negative with IGG band 41 +++ and INd for 31 and 39 that the IGM would have some positives if it was Lyme. I kept telling him how long I have been sick. HE said IGG would be positve for life anyway. Also, band 41 is not specific for Lyme, it could even be non-pathogenic spirochetes . If it is positive on IGM then it is significant. Some of this info he gave me is not anything I have read. So what do you think? Much appreciated. He was very expensive too. He did pick up on my adrenal problems though. Thanks, Jess
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    try a course of abx. There is an overlap in what abx treat what bacteria, anyway, as well as different abx are required for different varieties of lyme, bartonella, etc. If you get an obvious herx, well, it will be obvious...

    Even the CDC says it is supposed to be a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS that is not based on test results alone, but your whole presenting picture. Even tho the IDSA has tried to make it into something else.

    Good luck!

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    for your replies. Yes, I am not sure about this Doctor. He's supposed to be good but who knows? I questioned him about the fact that I have been sick a very long time and have many Lyme symptoms. I still don't understand what he was talking about with the Igg and Igm part. I had all negative on IGM. On the IGG 41 was +++, 31 and 39 were IND. That's it. I thought Igg could still mean you had it but for a long time. This would make sense to me. He seems to think I would still have some positives on IGM. After 30 years? He also says that many toxic mercury symptoms are similar to Lyme. That may be true but I thought Lyme can raise your toxic metal levels. Anyhow, I guess I will always question a Dr. unless he is pretty sure what I have. I may do one more appointment and then decide. Thanks again, Jess
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    It's true that toxic mercury and other metals have the same sypmtoms as lyme, but many lymies have BOTH. I had both and so did my twin sister. Who knows what came first. Did we get sick from lyme because our immunse sytems were down due to heavy metals?? Or where our bodies unable to get rid of the metals because we were sick with lyme??

    People like us usually have many issues. Our immune systems suck. I have canida too and thryoid issues. Candida sytmpoms also overlap lyme and heavy metals.

    I hope you find your answers soon.