First chiro adjustment Friday, not feeling well at all

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Chelz

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    I went to a new chiro this past Friday. When I arrived I had to fill out the usual paperwork. Then I met with the chiro.

    I let him know about my FM and my sensitivty. He said he has a lot of FM patients, which was good I suppose.

    I have spinal pain from bad disk bulges, trochanteric bursitis, and what I believe could be scar tissue pasin on my right hip/buttock from from a large lipoma removal back in 2004. I informed him about everyting.

    After the adjustment, which only took a few mintues, they put a tens unit pads on my lower back and then I layed down on a table which seemed to have a rolling bar underneath, hard to explain, but it was this bar that rolled up and down from my mid back to my lower thighs.

    They suggested 8 mintues to lay on this table with the tens unit and the bar, but I told them only four, of course I was paranoid that I would be hurting the next day.

    The chiropractor did understand, but he told me that I would be a little sore anyway. WELL, my low back, spine, right leg and knee were awful. There was a lot of pain.

    I was invited to a clam bake on Saturday, I would have just not gone, but I already paid for it. I felt inflamed all day. Needless to say, I only stayed a little while at the bake, and had to excuse myself. I felt depressed and started crying on my way home, just so sick of everyting related to FM, pain, fatigue, just everything.

    I have another appointment with him tomorrow and will have to tell him about this obviously. I know if this is to work for me it will take time, and my health coverage does allow my a lot of visits with the chiro, so maybe I just have to be patient.

    I had an MRI of my back taken years ago, and I brought this report with me just to avoid taking X-rays. The MRI shows how bad my disks really are. I took an Aleve this morning, had to. I'm hoping it will get better, but I'm not sure. Hugs, Chelz.
  2. 3gs

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    Che lz
    so sorry your day was ruined and we are feeling bad.

    My opion this doc over did it. I know that for me a tens machine flipped me out also no way can I do those rolling machines.

    The chrio I see is a special kind(sorry brainfog). The only thing he does is touch you gently behind your ear!

    Would never go to a regular chrio. You were right about what your body could take!
    Make them listen!
    Better luck on next appt.

    gentle hugs back

  3. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Sorry to hear your experience with chiro was painful.
    They don't use the rolling machine on me,don't even know if he has one.
    I know you are hurting, I did to for a very long time.My chiro has helped me alot. My pain is now down to a 5 on some days,considering I had been at 10,8. I'll take 5,6 any day. It does take time and alot of ice packs if you are inflamed.And you need to take it easy. I didn't and learned the hard way. I still have to take it easy and be mindful of what I am doing and try to figure out to do something in a way that I won't pay for. Sometimes I just have to wait for someone to come home to help me or do it for me. I have even asked my neighbors for help.I've always done things myself and it is very humbling. But I dislike the pain more. I hope you hang in there with it. My depression is alot less,pain, and memory is alot better also. I've even been walking at our park at my own pace of course. And riding a bicycle.

    Ask him when or what you can do to help yourself. Low impact stretches, walking, riding a bike. He may not want you to do those things yet. At first my chiro didn't want me going up and down stairs, but now I can do that, at my own pace.Riding in a car is the worse thing we can do for our backs,ask him what you can do to help with that.

    I take MSM (a supplement) for my joints. Dr.'s won't give me pain meds. So I take the tylenol arthritis. It does take the edge off now,before it wouldn't touch my pain.

    It is good you took your MRI to him. My chiro sent for mine and all my xrays. Which I've alot of. It will help them help you.

    Do not hesitate to ask your chiro questions,that's also what they are getting paid for. If your not happy with him go to another one. I went threw several before I found one I liked. He will work me in any day I call in between appts. Does he have a physical therapist in with him? If so ask to see him.Mine does and he helps with my pain also. I just can't say enough about my chiro, I recomend him to everyone one I know who has back problems and fibro.

    I hope I have helped you, and I hope this works for you,but don't give up.

    I didn't get this way overnite,I won't get better overnight!

    Gentle HUgs, Robin

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