first day in warm water pool therapy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nanswajo, Aug 22, 2005.

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    Today was my first day in warm water pool therapy. I have been waiting a while to get in. I was so surprised that what would have been nothing for me to handle before FMS was so hard. I understand how this therapy will help because of the ability to float, which makes it easier on the body when exercising.

    I am so glad I am finally in this therapy. The therapist is so nice and really understands FMS. I am still at the beginning of my diagnoses and flare and am still going through being kind of horrified at what I can't do.

    I felt grateful in therapy but I also felt mortified and confused and sad. How can anyone else understand this but someone like all of you who also have gone through this?

    I keep forgetting things. My husband doesn't understand this.

    I wonder if the exercise can fix my thinker to?!


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    Warm water pool therapy can be very helpful in getting your joints and muscles moving again. Don't think it will help your "thinker" though. I did it for a few years and am considering going back. Are you in a group of people with FM in the pool?

    I remember during the first years of my illness being horrified at what had become so difficult for me to do. I used to work all day, take care of the kids, do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry, walk 3 miles with my hubby when he would finally get home from work (maybe at midnight). I took university courses in the evenings and taught aerobics three times a week. In my spare time I taught arts and crafts, skiied, etc. etc.

    Now on a good day I have a bath, get dressed, do a couple of errands OR cook a meal. Pathetic, isn't it?

    But that is our new reality. Amazingly you will get used to it. However, you do need the help and understanding of your dear husband. Is he willing to learn about these DD's? Would he read specific threads on this site or the Letter to Normals? Would he attend a support group meeting with you?

    I don't know. Just some ideas.

    Forgetting things is just a part of these DD's that we have to work around by making lists and asking others to remember for us. And forgiving ourselves when we still forget.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the pool.