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    Well...its official..IM EXHAUSTED. Even though it was only 4 hours straight on my feet i feel like I was working 12 hours. I had to get up at 5:30am which is about 45 minutes earlier than i usually get up. I didnt realize 45 minutes sure makes a difference. Im glad the new schedule starts next week. I get to leave here at 9 instead of 7am.

    Anyway, wish me luck. I hope I will be able to handle this. Although its half the hours as my last job (only about 15+ hours I use to work 30). Even though I not sure how we are going to make it financially I have a feeling since I have been pushing myself so many years now maybe its a blessing in disguise and its time to slow down for me. I was working 30 hours my last job plus another 12+ extra at a part time night job two nights a week so it was really taking a toll on my health (my Doc was very upset with me). I quite that part time job and kept the other job (teachers Aide position) only to find out I didnt have a job this yr because they layed off 5 teachers aides this school yr due to lack of need. Anyway, now I got this job (Chiropractors office). Hopefully it will work out.

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    Wishing you the best of luck with your new job.
    I had to quit mine.
  3. Butterfly_of_grace

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    I WISH I could quit mine....but I cant afford to
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    look at it this way- if you get a kink in your back your boss can fix it!!!!

    good luck!

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    Best of luck with the new job. I am sure it will get a little easier as you do it longer. What are you doing being on your feet like that sound like something in medical records?

    Try soaking your feet in hot water with vinegar and Epsom's salt it will take out the soreness. It really works I did it all the time when I had to stand a lot.

    Now I have to set and type all day (medical transcription) I honestly don't know which is worse both have their problems don't they?

    Take care of those tootsies,

    Karen :)
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    Hope it works out.
  7. Butterfly_of_grace

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    As far as what Im doing its standing behind the counter which is also our desk doing patient paperwork, phone calls, setting patients up and billing. Thers no desks there to sit at. Doc wants everyone up and on their feet always and once the patient load comes in its really busy busy busy. My feet dont hurt...its my bad back and the Periformis the 5:30am isnt helping with the fatigue. If I had a choice Id rather be standing and moving cuz sitting really does me in...I get really stiff and cant get out of a chair so the more I move the better. My herniated disc is worse when I sit too but again Id prefer to move and be on the go....its only 3 days a week so Ill survive. I truly think God is trying to slow me down and well, as sad and upset as I am to loose my job as a paraprofessional(teachers Aide) with the town this yr again, thers blessing sbehind it...I was getting sick ALOT last yr frombeing with 40 Kindergarteners so Im not exposed to alot of the sickness that I was in the past. Last yr when I was with the Kindergarteners trying to get in and out of their tiny teeny chairs was REALLY hard for me and leaning over to helpa sist the ones who needed it really did me in too so again, we will have to manage somehow financially here and I think its time I slow down and NOT actually feel guilty for it.(which I alwasy do feel guilty...sad right?)

    One of the perks is that he will adjust our family for right? all the kids, hubby and me....its just a matter of finding the time. And well, Im afraid to disclose my illnesses this early in the game.

    Thanks again All! HUGS 2 ALL of you. thanks for the support.
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