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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chermione, Apr 3, 2006.

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    I started my new job today. I am a switchboard operator at a credit union. It's easy work and I enjoy this type of work. I am just not used to being up all day. I've been so lethargic for so long. Like all winter long. Now I'm trying to get up early and stay awake and worth something, all day long. I'm pretty tired right now. I don't know when I will get over the hump, or even if there is one! I'm hoping and praying there is one. I am promising myself I wont quit until I find one. But it's scary. Activity has made me flair in the past few years. But I haven't tried the other things I'm trying now. So I'm just hoping I have the right combo going on now or am on the right track or something will be different.

    On a side note, this week is spring break and my kids went to spend 2 days with their aunt and it's pretty far away, even in another state. It's about an hour drive. Tonight is their second night, they are coming home tomorrow at dinner time. But tonight they called me crying, missing home and mom and dad. It was the first time I had to try to comfort them without being able to look at them or hug them. It was hard on me. I was positive and loving and did the best I could, they calmed down but secretly it was killing me and still does. If they were across town I wouldn't hesitate to go get them. Being farther away gives me thinking time and I can talk myself out of my mommy mode, saying we'll all be fine.

    They've never been away from me this long. By the way, they are 8 & 6. They are still young enough to really miss home. Espially away from mom and dad also.

    Ugh, look at me talking myself in and out of guilt! I've got to stop this. I need a hot bath....
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    I hope you enjoyed the hot bath.

    Congratulations on getting back to work. This being the first week of daylight savings time can't be helping. I think it will get better as you adjust to the new schedule. A couple of things that can help with maintaining energy are frequent, small meals and drinking plenty of liquid.
  3. Chermione

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    Thank you, I did have a nice bath. I forgot about daylight savings time too, that is a huge factor. Especially since I'm in Indiana and this is the first time I've ever had to do it. I was like 4 years old when they stopped daylight savings here. Now we have to do it again. I liked not having to change my clocks like everyone else. I don't see why it was changed. But I digress. It has been even harder b/c of it.
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