first denial for ssdi with allsup today in mail

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    they say they have a 49% approval rate, i guess telling the truth about things doesnt help.
    I figured i would be denied first time. They put nothing in there about fatigue. Said i could still grasp or hold things and move around a littlle. nothing keeping me from being disabled.
    Arthritis in thumbs so bad and hands doc thought i had broke my thumb down to wrist. How do you grasp things with that? Nothing said about chronic fatigue said my blood pressure under control and yes i do have pain but not enough depression to make me not have clear thoughts and understanding.
    What next people i got to a Rhuemy in Feb nothing has been documented about chronic fatigue i guess it doesnt exist?
    Need help
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    dont worry about annoying them i doubt when you get off the phone they remember your name. They will call you and always email them too. They want the business believe me they get paid for it. Remember write down all the questions before you call or they will call you back when it is a good time for you.
    You file from the day you quit work.
    Most people are diagnosed way before they quit, you made money up till that point. They mainly want to know about the last two years and what has been documented at the doc.
    So hang in there and just call they dont care.
    They do this over and over all day long. Very nice people, very cordial you will not get on their nerves.
    Check it out
    What i would do over nothing i just told the truth about everything be that as it may.
    Take care let me know