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    Most of our medical professionals are real familiar with this oath, but I can't help but think we might all benefit from putting it on a sticky note on top of our 'puter screens. Not trying to tredge up things or cause any offense to anyone but can't help but notice there seems to be a "strangeness" on here lately, alot of posts that folks are hurting and need support and are almost apologetic for posting their needs. I find this sad and unacceptable that anyone of us needs to be afraid or apologetic of posting frustration, or questions, or even venting. If everyone would just read a post with their heart and then decide if they can be supportive or not before answering I do not believe we would have these troubles with sarcasm and accusatory proclamations. I pray that more and more lost and scared fibromites will find this board and find a warm and comfortable place of refuge, so that there may be no more of our fellow kin feeling such despair as to set themselves on fire. Love and peace to all, Rebel
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    My mom always says we have to accept people where they are.
    We are all not as far along on this journey as others as we all move at a different pace.

    Reading with your heart is a great idea !
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    that lots of board users read this and take note.

    I've been really concerned at times, whatever hidden agendas individuals might have they must learn to "leave them at home".

    We all want tolerance FROM others and so have NO right to be intolerant ourselves.

    I accept people as they are, if I don't like them I move on, no need for anymore than that.

    Likewise with posts, if you don't like what you see, move on.

    No preaching, no moralising, and no egos, PLEASE!!!!!!



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    to be treated. Love, helping and understanding is what we try to follow. It is hard sometimes for those in pain to be kind to themselves, so they can't be kind to others easily. I think those that lash out are in need of help.

    I know I don't post topics too ofton because not too many write back and sometimes none. Then it might be that they get lost on another page or are not of interst to others.

    But, I don't take it as a negative. I know there are so many here it is hard to keep up and hard to spend too much time sitting.

    This is still the greatest site and we love it here! Kim and Gary
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    You are soooooo right on! I can't help but be offended when I am preached or scolded. And I'm sure that everyone else feels the same way. That is human nature. Many of come here for comfort and understanding. And I am sure that we have lost many wonderful "fibromites" from negativity over the years. Reading with an open heart is the best advice. Thank you for speaking up!

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    I havent been coming here so long, so prob shouldnt have an input , but lol here goes my 2 pennorth, have you ever seen yourselves on a video, i have, arggggggg , i am sure that most of us have the same reaction , we go oh my god , do i do that or look like that, we just dont see ourselves as others see us, so maybe thats a good reminder to think before we speak, my hubby was always telling our sons when they were little, brain before gob tee hee, then we dont put the proverbial foot in it, or as my dad always said treat others as you would want to be treated , with respect , but respect must be earned , not just given because you are older or the parent etc, well ill shssssh up now just be nice to each other, we after all are in the same boat, ill... we surely cant do what the people that think we are not ill do.. does that not make us angry,

    xxxxxx sam
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    Tansy said: No preaching, no moralising, and no egos, PLEASE!!!!!!

    Rebel: Read with your heart.

    Nicely said! Fondly, June

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    for your responses. Hope all are getting at least some rest this weekend.

    BTW, Sam :your first post made you a member here and you always have some input. That is the reason for my post, we all are different and that is what makes this board so viable. Everyone comes from a variety of environments, experiences, etc. and that is why we can post one subject and a couple folks can relate to that issue, then we can post another subject the next week and 2or 3 different folks can relate to that one. I like to think of us as a bunch of different ingredients , ok alone but wonderful when blended just like a warm comfy stew! I know...getting
    really corny (no pun intended) now! I will stop now.
    much love and peace, Rebel
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    Just wanted to add that this in no way was meant to cause any anger, we just all seem to be going through so much additional frustrations with these D.D.s lately that many folks that never complain much or come for alot of support have really been needing extra "listening with our hearts".
    Many of them are ones that you can do asearch on and find that they have been some of the biggest supporters for others and have given compassion out by the truckload.
    Sadly, many get terse comments or are chastised by others and it is just MHO that we all need to give one another a big break right now and just ride out this storm together.

    Love and peace, Rebel