first experience with NMT Feinberg Technique

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    So here's the deal, no one did NAET where I lived, but one practitioner does NMT, the Feinberg Technique with as good of results, as she says, as others.

    So I walked in, told her all my problems. If I didn't know people who have gotenbetter with NAET, I would have been like, this is so strange it won't work.

    She first tested me to see what kind of treatments would work best. As I told my husband, she asked silent questions and then tested my muscle response. My husband said, how does your body know how to respond if it doesn't hear the questions? I don't know.

    Then she found out that my body would work best with NMT, and a little with acupunture (something I've tried with no long term effects)

    So then she worked on different pathways of my body that weren't working right. Like, one was so my body wouldn't treat foreign cells that are like myself and attack both myself and my cells.

    It was very interesting. My muscle responses also told her how often I should have treatment (once a week). The practitioner told me that once a week for six weeks, and I know if it will help or not.

    I'm desperate and this sounds so goofy, but I'm going to give it a try.

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