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    Im having my first fibro flare. Ive had fibro for about 4 years but its never affected my job other than the odd day off until now. My doctor has signed me off for 6 straight weeks, but said i can return if i feel better. Can anyone tell me how long this is likely to last? Its been two weeks now, some mornings i wake up in agony and can barely move..

    My doctor has started me on a new antidepressant called 'citalopram'. I think its also called 'celexa'? I was on seroxat for a month but it really disagreed with me so we are trying something new to me.. Can anyone tell me anything about citalopram please? Will it help me? I looked it up on the site but i prefer to hear it 'from the horses mouth' so to speak. LOL
    Also he wont give me much in the way of pain relief even though i was very clear to him how much pain i am suffering. He has told me to take light exercise and try to swim, easier said than done.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    So very sorry that you are flaring so badly, it is terribly difficult to say how long as there are so many varied triggers for flare. Stress is the most prevalent as an everyday type trigger, while some of the more severe flares that seem to get a tighter grip on us are usually caused by trauma or crisis or extreme physical over-exertion.
    When I am flaring My muscle spasms seem to cause most of my pain and I use flexeril for that, anti-depressants did not do anything for me so I no longer take them. I also take Magnesium and calcium and several other supplements to help my body out in it's fight to stay strong. What I reccomend you do is sit down and write down the symptoms that are giving you the most trouble and do a search here for each of your worst problems in the past posts and that way perhaps you can get more useful info faster. Also there is the Epsom salt and peroxide soak that feels fantastic during flare- many past posts on this as well. Am hoping this flare will not be with you much longer...thinking of you and hope this helps some! love, Rebel
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    I think Rebel helped a lot with info. But I am bumping your post up (on second page) so that you may get some insight on that drug too.

    Hope you are feeling a little better, that soak with the Epson Salts and Peroxide will give you a goodnights sleep. Not a cure, but surely relief.

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    I knew i could rely on the people on this site for support, you really are the best. Thank you. x

    I still feel rough today, but knowing i have a month off work takes a lot of pressure off me, im really not up to it at the moment.
    I took the dog out for 3 short walks today, i think shes gonna love having me at home for the next month!!
    Walking is very painful but sitting around is too!! My knees are very painful, they seem to stiffen when i sit for too long but when i walk they hurt too. Not sure what to do for the best really. Its so frustrating, im used to being out all day working. I hate being held back like this, ive felt quite depressed today and i hate feeling like this..