First Flare ??!!

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    I went to my doc last week. I've been having bouts of nause for a while but they got much worse (I also have very pale stools which i get with migraines but not usually all the time)

    He sent off blood tests to test my liver and is getting the hospital to do an ultrasound to check my gall bladder.

    The blood tests came back clear, so I'm waiting for the ultrasound to see if it's gall bladder.

    I've also been sleeping even worse than usual, my legs are worse, my ribs so tender I can't stand wearing a bra and various other symptoms have got worse.
    I also had a really bad miraine, I was so ill I was really scared. The Zomig I've been taking which had been working didn't work.

    Today talking to a friend, she mentioned that she wasn't surprised I was so ill as I always get sick when I've been to the USA to see my daughter, and then go straight back to work.

    So I suddenly realised that maybe all this is a flare!!
    My doctor also agreed with me that given the severity of my symptoms (a lot of which which he'd thought could be down to menopause) I have
    cfs and fm. Previously he'd been a bit vague about diagnosing fm.

    So I'm still waiting to see if the nausea is my gall bladder, but at least I'm getting some much needed time off work!!

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    Hi, just a suggestion, if you get ill each time you return from the USA, take a few extra days off from work. Allow yourself time to rest back at your own home. We all need plenty rest. Hopefully this will help you. Hope you feel better soon.
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    which I've already had (from the same friend who has similar problems though not fms)
    sadly, unless I curtail the time I have with my daughter, I don't have enough holiday time to do that, but I do intend being much more careful next time not to overdo things so badly when I get back.

    Long term I may have to face the possibility of having to cut down to part time work and just cope with the financial repercussions of that, or eventually give up work completely. I'm not ready to do that yet though.