first holistic appt .. WOW!!

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    First off.. thank you thank you thank you to all who encouraged me to go this appointment..I was NOT dissappointed..and I AM VERY encouraged. This is how it went ..

    My appt was at ten this morning..I left her office..just shy of noon. Yep...I could not believe it..AND she LISTENED intently to EVERY WORD .. it was almost too much for this ole gal!! I first filled out a huge questionaire..over 400, thats right..over 400 questions. It was broken down into categories like liver..digestion..etc.

    Then the good stuff started. Went in and chatted about what was bothering me. She said to list the three worst things that I experience..I said fatigue, muscle weakness/pain and migraines.

    After everything was said and done..My mom cut strands of hair and I mailed them off to Addison, Texas. They will mail the results to her. She looked at the thyroid tests that I had had taken in Oct..they came back..normal..and the doc would not even pay any attention to any of it..if it fell in the normal range..every thing must be okay..right? TSH was 1.19..this gal said, I do not like that. I like it minumum 2. She said I am toxic to the max. Said she was going to detox me..BUT..since I am so toxic and since I over react to everything..she said we are going to take it nice and slow and try to avoid making me sicker during the whole process.

    She also put a healthy patch of iodine on me and told me to look at it at 7:30 tonight and four in the morning and another eight hours after that and report back to her what color it was. HELLO!?!?! It was GONE by 7:30 tonight..somehow I think she knew it would be. She said my adrenals..she thinks..are not working properly.

    After all was said and done..I am keeping track of everything I am putting in my mouth until Monday. I am not supposed to eat any different..she just wants to get a handle on what my bod has been ingesting. I am however supposed to curb the coffee..a little at a time. YIKES..oh well...if it helps me to feel better..I can sure do it. The tests will take a couple of weeks to come back. I am to take ALL my supps in next Monday. She wants to see the brands, the fillers, etc. She said it is not unusual for toxic people to make things worse by ingesting fillers and stuff that their bodies do not tolerate. Oh, she also does not want me to drink our water. We have a sand point and she said I may be adding to my toxic overload by drinking water that probably has herbicides in it.

    She ended by doing the following...on the last test she did in the room..I looked over at her and said..why are you smiling? Know what she said? She said, hey girl..I am going to make you feel so much are not going to know yourself. will take time and it will take patience. Know what? God willing..I will have both.

    I cannot..cannot ..tell you how positive I felt during and after. This was about the twenty fifth NORMAL thyroid test I have had in my lifetime. She is the very FIRST To say..hey we are not all cut from the same me your thyroid does not look like it is functioning properly. I do not know what a normal life is. I have had alot of these symptoms since I was a kid. My mom had tears in her eyes when I said I do not remember what it is to feel good. I am so thankful for something positive like this.

    Thank you klutzo for encouraging me.
    wishing you all well....Sherry
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    Celebrating with you, Sherry.

    These "natural" treatments do take time, but sometimes you get one that works immediately and it's such a trip!

    The iodine test is a new one to me. My adrenal depletion got diagnosed by Great Smokies Lab.

    I also drink only Brita-filtered water, usually extra-oxygenated.

    Can't wait to hear what she recommends. Keep us posted!

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    thanks so much for the support and the well wishes. I found a statement that she made very profound and something that I believe in. She said..Sherry..I will not treat your symptoms. I believe in treating the core problems..the causes.

    She said she was going to treat the toxicity first..then .. IF there still is fibro symptoms..she would advance in that direction.

    She said we are taking first things first and one at a time. She said she wanted to know..of the three things I listed..which I would like to tackle first..I said the fatigue..she said she knew I would say that! Sooo...that is where we are going to start in.

    Thanks again..I will keep you updated, but keep in mind it is going to be a slow journey.

    Okay Iowa fibros..she is in Coralville, which is the same as Iowa City. She also sees patients in the Des Moines area every two months. So heads really is hard finding these people in this part of the state. I am feeling led by God and matter what the tests come back saying.

    Hoping you are all having a good evening. .... Sherry
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    She sounds wonderful. My only question is about her interpretation of the TSH. My holistic doc says the ideal TSH for an adult female is as close to 1.0 as possible, and you are very close to that. I am over 2.0 right now (am at 2.69) and have been told that a TSH higher than 2.0 is not acceptable for anyoe who has thyroid or depression running in their family (depression runs on one side of my family). So, I am very confused by what your doctor said. I hope you will keep us updated on what she says about this in the future.
    It looks like I will have to be content with my TSH as it is, as I have tried and failed 4 times now to raise my Armour Thyroid dose above 45 mgs., but I can't sleep at all at a higher dose.
    Let us know what she puts you on and the results of your hair test. I got more info out of the hair test results than any of the other tests I had done. It will be interesting to see if you also have a calcium/magnesium imbalance like I do.
    This post made my day!:)
    P.S. I wonder what Madwolf would say about the TSH?
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    I was so hoping you would see this thread. Ya know..I wonder if I misunderstood her? She did not like my TSH..but I am thinking maybe she thought it was too high. She did mention my cal/mag and said she thought the tests would prove it to be outta kelter ..

    She had me take a swig of liquid zinc..hold it in my mouth for twenty seconds then .. while it was still in my mouth..she asked me if it tasted like water..I shook my head no..metal, no, and a couple of other choices..then she said swallow. I did. She said..what did it taste like and I told her some kinda weird melon. She said DO NOT take any zinc do not need it and it can hurt you if you overdo on it. She said people that need it cannot taste it. I told Mom that if I am coming down with a sore throat..I cannot taste the zinc lozenger if is a cold, but I CAN taste it if it is from the cfs. Odd? I always wondered why I could suck them sometimes and had to spit them out other times.

    Two factories I worked being Monsanto, farming (with the diesel) and hogs (dust) and my water have poisoned me more or less.

    Are you doing an holistic cleanse or detox? How is it going?

    By the have you been feeling?

    Thanks for responding and thanks again for encouraging me to go. Sher
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    I think its long cause I been waiting about 35 years for someone..anyone to say hey..I can help you feel better. Every doc trip has always been the same .. thyroid test and diabetes test. Always neg. or normal.

    Yesterday was the first time I was offered any help other than an occassional valium script, a pat on the back and will feel better soon or the I do not believe in fibro. Iowa is a great place to live..its not the best place to get a chronic disease.

    Thanks alot for your response and all the many articles that you post on here. I have learned alot from them.
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    I left my first holistic doc appt in tears due to being SO relieved that someone could and woudl help me.

    I'm so happy you've had the same experience.

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    So glad to hear of your good experience and positive input. Last Dec. I went to a naturopath after traditional docs did nothing for me and left me to fend for myself. I was so sick and didn't know what to do so out of desperation I went to a naturopath. It was the best thing I could have done. Through his help, which is much like what you posted, I only take one short nap 15-30 min. in the afternoon and can do 50% more activities than last Dec. I feel so much better. Seldom get headaches now and have a good appetite. But of course my diet is very strict...totally healthy. I avoid stress and I go to bed the same hours every night. The sleep wakefulness is something I am fighting off and on. When I don't sleep I wake up achy. We haven't worked on that one except that I take ZMA every night. We have got the adrenals under control, cleaned out the viral overload, & most recently cleaned out the yeast/fungi overload. My daily low grade fevers are gone now. Next we are going to work on the thyroid. My TSH is 2.43 and he wants it down to at least 2. My GP wanted me to give up all my ND treatments when I had my physical recently and filled her in. NO WAY! The ND is the only one that has offered me any help and it is working. My GP doesn't like me taking all the supplements and extracts. The only help my GP offered is to give me an anti-depressant which is okay but I'm not ready yet to go that route. (I find it ironic how meds are acceptable but not supplements) Anyway, when I read your post I rejoiced with you knowing how meaningful it is to have someone listen and know what to do to alleviate the symptoms. It is like a breath of fresh air after a long time of suffocating in hopelessness. I am happy for you.
    My best to you,
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    You sound soooooo happy thru your words!! And you have every right!! :) I'm very glad for you...I'm sure it did feel great to hear those words"I'm gonna make you feel like a new person!' Wishing you have alot of success with this approach!! Let us all know how your doing~
    Take care :)
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    This has been very interesting. I wish I knew of someone like that to go see. How did you locate her? I was disappointed to see you are in Iowa. I'm in Deep East Texas and I've never heard of a holistic doctors around here. I've been wondering (since coming here) about my adrenals.

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    First I don't recommend you doing this unless you are under care of a naturopath and he/she okays you for it. All this stuff is natural but it is potent. You must make sure you aren't taking anything that will have adverse effects with other things you are taking.

    Let me clarify what I mean by my viral overload. I had herpes zoster (shingles) + unknown viruses causing high antibody count. My naturopath seemed to think my immune system just could not shake the herpes zoster virus & whatever other viruses I may have had too. I'm on a budget so we chose not to do further expensive testing because the treatment would be the test.

    I took 2 capsules 3 times daily of St. John's Wort (not everyone realizes it helps kill herpes viruses), Lysine, Elderberry & then I added Olive Leaf Extract later. Took it for 4 months. Also I was on 2 teaspoons of IAG = larch tree - its a powder you mix with water or juice and it boosts your immune system. When I'm coming down with anything now I use it and it stops "whatever" in its tracks! Awesome stuff. I was on the above regime for six months and am off all of it now. It eliminated my daily low grade fevers until my yeast/fungi load caused troubles. Now I'm at the end of my treatment for that and have no more fevers again.

    From what I have read not everyone responds as favorably to such treatments. It is pretty expensive to do it if you use the high quality stuff without additives, etc. I'm glad I did it as I feel much better now. Hope this answers your question. If you have other questions about it let me know.

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    Joann..I hope ralph is helping you to hook up with someone. I know what its like to want to try things and have no one around to supervise it! Good luck in your search..oh, my moms hairdresser was talking about this gal! Her sister, who had been very sick a very long time, used her and was sooooo helped by her.

    Celticladee..Thanks for the response. I read with interest your story of how you unload your virus...I cannot wait. For me..its toxic crud..I am looking forward to getting it out of my bod. I have been scouting the internet today for water purifiers that get rid of pesticides and herbicides.

    Thanks again..and hope you will not mind me asking you and klutzo and others about various things that come up on this new journey!

    Have a great day! ..Sherry
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    Sher - I did the detox route long ago. That was one of the very first things, back when I had a Naturopath and she said I had a toxic orange ring around the bottom of my pupil. I did a whole series of different types of cleanses and 2 1/2 months of UltraClear.
    Please keep us posted on what you are doing....seems like each holistic doc does things a little differently.
    My thyroid med is still helping, though I am having a challenge in raising the dose high enough without insomnia. Since I started pregnenolone and DHEA at the same time, I cannot tell which of the 3 is causing the insomnia, so I lowered the thyroid med back down and dropped the other two completely until I see the doc next week. Last night I got less than 2 hrs. sleep. But, my TSH is still at 2.69, so I need more thyroid for sure.

    1. Look in your Yellow Pages under Holistic. If nothing is there,
    2. Call your local health food store and ask. If you don't have one,
    3. Find the website for Great Smokies Laboratory, and send them an e-mail requesting a listing of the doctors who use their lab in the area you are willing to travel within. Giving them a zip code or codes will help. They'll be glad to send you a list, and any docs using them are going to be holistic.
    Good luck,

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    geez...I am so sorry you are running on so little sleep. Ya know..thats what I used to get all the time. I just could not get to sleep and when I did I could not stay asleep. Odd that biggest complaint is fatigue!!
    I am getting so anxious to get started. I have started cutting my coffee back...she said go slow..she did not want me to have withdrawals. So slow but sure I am.
    I am hoping that they find the answer for you real soon..Sherry
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    Wow what a open minded doctor, good luck and where is she i'm in west. ky i need someone cause cheney is smart but not helping me one problme i can't afford the 8.50 to talk to ht man and see himonce a yr. he's in asheville NC i'm in ky

    can you tell me who this wonderful dr. is???? most look at thos test and say HEY looks normal to me,

    God bless Paul Mark

    PS might help take her the article b dale guyer md indianpolis interview may 03 with immune support i posted it other day might give her some ideas,

    good luck
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    Sherry, I'm happy for you and can feel your excitement!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU, and keep us posted. Many hugs, Chelz.