First Lumbar Epidural is over

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JP, Feb 6, 2003.

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    and it was a positive experience. The anesthesiologist was a love. He had exceptional people skills and talked me through the entire procedure. Yes, I felt it and I now have about 8% more fluid in the epidural space of my spinal cord, which is causing minor increased pain 2 hours post injection. The guy said to call him at 3:00 AM if I have questions. He was also very honest about the results for those of us with complications and long term chronic back pain...and it's worth a try. He also had most of my studies in his hand when he walked in the room. He said look at this pile of paper...I have had patients with complicated injuries that have had some positive results with this injection. So, by day 3-5, I hope to feel positive results...thanks for your support! Jan
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    Snce I have progressive spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapement sooner or later I will probably face something; I am not big on invasive procedures wl I do myu range of motion, which have been lifesavers. I will be thinking of you. Lil'