First Lumbar Epidural tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JP, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. JP

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    and I am a little on edge. I can remember days when I could have said I was brave. Now, just about anything that increases my pain has me in tears. I hope others have some positive words for me. I am going in knowing that the odds are stacked against me with chronic low back pain. I hear that the injections work better for those with acute conditions. Anyway, I have put this off a number of times and I have finally become willing to give it a try.

    Thanks for being here...Jan
  2. Mare-T

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    Jan...I had three of them done before they ever knew what was wrong with me. The specialist was 90%sure it was a disc problem...Ha! it really wasn't bad at all, the first two times I didn't even have a sedative, the third time I did...he messed around and shot some stuff to go into my was a bit painful then but not bad. I hope it helps for you, it certainly can't make it worse, at least I don't think. He wanted to me to then go into outpaitient and go into each disc to see which one it was...again, it was never a disc problem, but finally diagnosed 3 doctors later with FMS. Take care yu will be just fine!

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    I had two rounds of neck epidurals this summer. The recovery period was a little rough (give yourself plenty of time to rest & recover) but I would say that it was at least 90% successful. I suffered from horrible neck pain & pain down one arm, and that's nearly gone (occasionally I will have a little pain). But I consider it quite a success & I'm glad I did it! I will be thinking good thoughts for you tomorrow--just realize you might be in pain for the first couple of days (for me, not my neck itself, but the muscle tissue around where the injection was) and rest up a lot, take pain meds as needed.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes for you!

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    I went the epidural route too when I was having back pain and trying to get a dx. as to what was wrong with me. When seeking treatment for back pain, drs. here send you for epidurals first to see if they work. They did not do a thing for me. I then went to a neurosurgeon who did a myelogram and found nothing wrong with my back. I then found a rheumatologist who dx. the fibro. What was causing my back pain was the same thing causing me pain everywhere else in my muscles. Because the largest group of muscles are in the area of our back and buttocks, this is where my worst pain is. Epidurals do not help everyone. It depends on what is wrong. We can have back pain from fibromyalgia and have nothing at all wrong with our backs. I'm so glad it has helped some here. Wish it had helped me too. Toots
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    But I think I should add that I was so scared of having the epidurals and did not like to think of having needles stuck in my back. It wasn't bad at all and I had no side effects whatsoever. As soon as the epidural was over, I was fine but still had the back pain, of course. Toots
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    I pray I am not ever placed with that decision to make. I had an ill response while in labor w/Will and the room looked like a murder scene! However that is NOT typical. Neither are we.

    I have spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment, progressive. I will have to have something sooner or later but for now I exercise as I can and am better than last year.

    My mandibular extractions confirmed the loss of my salivary glands...Sjornerns (sp) was always suspect but the oral surg. confirmed. He decided to leave the epi out of the locls so today I am "coming to life" and WOW. Have lost sensation of tongue, lower lip and chin; he said he was afraid that would result

    I am so thankful those teeth are gone and I pray for you Jan as you "tough up " for your epidural. Love Lil'
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    thanks for all the support...I have been to 3 spine specialists. They all confirm the same findings on my MRI's CT scans and discogram. Each of them seemed to find a little bit more. So, I have quite a list of findings, including herniations at every lumbar level. I have had chronic back pain since childhood. In my case, they are just trying to give some additional pain relief.

    Thanks again! I feel a little better going into this spinal injection tomorrow...Jan