first naturopathic appt.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by imagin, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. imagin

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    i had my first naturopathic appointment today and i am so excited to start. :) i don't feel as hopeless as before so that is good. she is great! i can really talk to her and sh really listens!!! :) she's putting me on a diet that coincides with my blood type, A+, anyone else have any experience with blood type diets? And she thinks my FM was brought on from emotional stuff from my childhood and on and she also wants me to do therapy, which i can go to her for too!!! i just feel so hopeful. :) so thought i'd tell everyone and see if anyone had similar experiences or see if i'm just getting my hopes up for no reason. :( so, thanks.
  2. NanceZ

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    I have CFS and went to my first naturopath appt about 7 weeks ago. I was as excited as you are today and to back up my happiness, I felt better in jus ta few days under his treatment than I had in a year. I continue to get stronger and feel better.....still fighting the sleep problem and weariness but I feel as though i am getting my life back, step by step.

    I would've never guessed this was the path I needed but God put it so evidently in front of me I walked in there with confidence and haven't had a MOMENT of doubt since then.

    Good luck and health to you!!
  3. imagin

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    thanks for the reply, and i'm glad you found something that helps! :) i hope it continues to work for you. :)
  4. bre_ann

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    that's great and I hope you have great success! I've never heard of a diet for blood types but I am A+ too and would love to hear about it. If you can't post about it I will give you my email address. I don't know if they will let you post here about that sort of stuff.
  5. imagin

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    hi! i would be happy to tell you what she told me, which isn't much yet. but she did say to not eat red meat, and definitley cut out a lot of carbs because that's what your body uses to send pain signals and chemicals and whatnot. also dairy is a no no and i'm supposed to eat chicken and fish multiple times every day. so i'll find out more on thursday next week. she's writing up a "plan and diet." hope you get this, let me know.
    -kristi :)
  6. stillafreemind

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    its just awesome to have someone listen and feel like they really want to help ya...right?
    I hope all goes well and I am sure it will! ...Sherry