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    Alrighty, I am now only 8 weeks pregnant, and I feel about 8 months! Since I posted last, I was feeling pretty good, but a lot has changed since then. If I dont eat quite a bit while I'm working, I get really ill, to the point of passing out. I have never been dx'd with fibromyalgia, as most of you know, but think I have it, now I think I have it more then ever! My shoulders hurt so bad that I can barely sleep at night, and knees hurt so bad in the morning, I can barely walk. Today, my right wrist started to hurt so bad, I feel as if I sprained it or something. I feel like a total mess. If I could afford to quit work, I would definatly do this now, rather than go the entire nine months in this pain, but I have no choice but to work. If you cant tell, my hormones are acting up because I am usually cheery in my posts, but I'm so aggravated with my aches and pains, and nauseusniss, dizziness, and everything else, that I'm at my wits end. Well, I promised I would keep you guys updated, and this is my first one. Hope i didn't scare you off from reading future ones!! Still love you guys, and hope I get some responses back, might make me feel better!!!
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    I am so sorry about your difficult pregnancy.
    Hopefully, as time goes on and your hormones settle down, you will feel better.
    My DIL had 2 rough pregnancies. Her doc put her on medical leave and she got some pay each month. She took one month off first, then tried to go back to work....and he eventually took her out completely. So if you are struggling a lot, maybe talk to your doc, and see about a paid medical leave....if your doc orders it, work has to comply...she stayed out until her baby was at least 6 weeks old...
    Hope this helps.
    The nice thing is I have 2 beautiful grandsons now...
    Take care
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    At least thats one consolation for the extra suffering the pregnancy is causing. It does have an end.

    I have an aunt who just loved everything about being pregnant, even though she had every symptom in the book. don't know how she did it, but I guess she doesn't have FM on top of it all.

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    Congrats on your pregnancy!!!! I know everyone's pregnancy is different and some have no discomfort or difficulties, but know you are not alone. It's important to eat small frequent meals, have some crackers close by and eat good healthy snanck, carrot sticks celery and have some sliced fruit available for those hunger pain attacks. I know it happened to me where all a sudden hunger pain like I was starving and had to eat right away otherwise I thought I would faint. Get your hubby to give you some back rubs and take long hot showers. Also you should check with your maturnity benefits I was able to leave 8 weeks before pregnancy due date because was too difficult to work from low back pain. Good luck, oh and do lots of reading I always enjoyed those pregnancy books and what stage baby was at. Warm hugs mom3
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    hi brandysu and congrats on sprogging up :)

    everyones pregnancy is different but dont set yourself up under a doom cloud, the second trimester is usually the best :)

    for my pregnancy's in the summer i invested in a fan and had a thing for making my own lager and lime lollies which i enjoyed in the bath :) you will settle in to the natural rythym of your pregnancy soon and i hope its a good one for you.

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    Everything is shifting and adjusting and its never fun. I was in my first trimester and was at walmart and started having incredible side pain. Since I have a history of kidney stones thats immediately what I thought so off to the ER we went. The "sperm donor" hit every bump along the way and on one particular rough bump I felt better. Lol I had a gas bubble lodged. Your body goes thru so much but the result is this cuddly sweet smelling being that will love you no questions asked (until they hit their teenage years.

    I read every book and magazine available. I found a website that had a message board for all babies due in certain months. It was great to be able to share with people and hear their experinces. One website I belong to now that has that is called Be sure also to sign up for huggies and pampers websites, and formula websites. They send you coupons and samples and I was able to get an engraved silver spoon once my son was born with his name and date of birth on it from gerber.

    The one thing that people had told me to get was the book "Oh baby the places you will go". Its a Dr Seuss book to read to your baby in utero. I read to him a lot and I sang to him a lot. It really does help because they can hear your voice. Enjoy this wonderful time. And be sure to take naps when you can, because you wont sleep for the next 18 years lol.

    To help with you back and knee pain take tylenol pm, it is allowed during pregnancy. Your wrist could be the beginning of pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. Go to your local walmart and get a wrist brace to sleep in at night and it will help with the numbness and pain.

    Do like the others have suggested and have snacks available. I was lucky I lost 60 lbs during pregnancy and then I of course gained it all back. I dealt with the tiredness more than the morning sickness or hungriness.

    Good Luck and no you havent scared me off from reading your posts. Be sure to take pictures of you from the side each month to note your progress and to keep for the baby. Write letters to your baby about things that are going on so when they turn 18 or what ever milestone you can give them this precious gift of your love for them from the beginning of their time here forward. Its also good that if something should happen to you, they will have known their mom and how much she loved them. I know it sounds morbid but thats when I started thinking about my mortality and how my child would be and if he would know how much I loved him.

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    I had a few issiue earlier in my pregnancies too. After a while they got better. The only thing that got worsr was a carpo-tunnel tingling and numbness. I wore wrist braces at night to help.

    Good luck,

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    Well my son is now four months old and I had one heck of a ride through my pregnancy.

    Although the FM pretty much went into remission for me it didn't start until after the first couple of months. I think I was about two and a half or maybe even three months along when the pain stopped.

    However, my CFS felt like it tripled! Especially in the beginning! But after the fourth month I think I was just normal tired from lugging a little growing baby around in my belly.

    Gosh it feels so weird to now be the expert! I was on here asking everyone for advice when I was pregnant! LOL

    Is this your first? I can't remember if I read any of your other posts before so sorry if you are repeating yourself.

    I really am sorry that things are getting weird on you though. Maybe it is just a charge in your hormones and hopefully things will settle down.

    I don't know why in the world people think being pregnant is just NO BIG DEAL! It drives me insane! You feel like you body is being stretched beyond its means and you have this little baby moving around and as he is growing and all your organs are rearranging themselves. Not to mention the changes that happen on the outside of your belly. Plus just all the emotions too. Although the emotions are awesome because you are going to have a baby but it is scary and new which can freak you out. Then after the birth you have six weeks before you can really do anything that matters and then you should be totally healed by six months. Yeah right! LOL

    (remind me to tell you some important info that the women in the "mommy club" forgets to tell you about. I swear they want you in the "club" so bad but once your there you realize how sucky pregnancy can be. But some woman have beautiful and breezy pregnancies, I was not one of them)

    It is going to be pretty interesting after you have your baby. My stomach and this makes no sense whatsoever but it is true, my stomach was actually flatter right after I had my son then it is now.

    I think the reason is that your uterus is still dropping but now that everything is really getting settled I have a flubby pooch! But we are joining the gym tomorrow! YAY!

    I know I am completely rambling honey and I sincerely hope I am not scaring the beezwax out of you!!!

    Pregnancy was hard for me but fun at the same time. I was lucky that I got to lay around all day and didn't have to work. I think that helped a lot with my pain issues or rather my nonpain issues.

    My advice is to eat frequently, rest as much as you can (BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY THIS) and take a warm (but not hot) bath in the evening to pamper yourself a little. This will help with your sore feet and back especially when you get much bigger.

    I packed on exactly to the pound 56 pounds! In the four months I have lost 38 pounds and proud of it too! I am going for gold!

    Anyway, I LOVE to talk about pregnancy and babies so please call me out on the board if you want to talk. I could write and write and write!!!

    I have a picture of my son in my profile too. He is 3 1/2 months there.

    They grow sooo fast too so take a TON of pictures!

    It is funny, I was given some of this same advice but you really have no idea how right people are until you get in that situation.

    Like the few weeks before my son was born I kept having false labor and was supposed to be resting but I am such a neat freak with severe ocd that my nesting instict was in overdrive.

    Here I was nine months pregnant climbing ladders to wash windows, down on my hands and knees scrubbing, moving furniture around...... You name it I did it! And I wish I would have listened to the advice on here. My friends kept telling me to rest as much as possible or read a book or watch a movie because it would be awhile before I could do those things again and boy were they right! LOL

    Okay I gotta go plus I am super rambling. PLEASE ask me anything you want about pregnancy. I haven't gotten to the good gossip about my pregnancy! LOL I had to have my appendix removed at 18 1/2 weeks along. Talk about being freaked out. I guess that was one of the organs that didn't like being moved around! LOL

    Okay really gotta go now.


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    Get one of those pregnancy belts that help support your belly. I started wearing mine early for the back pain and towards the end it really did help hold my belly up. It was a HUGE help on me!!!!

    Also REALLY take your Prenantal!!!! I was very good at this but any other vitamin you think you want to take ASK your doctor first.

    Okay there was another thing but I forgot.

    Oh yeah, starting in your fouth month it is called the "honeymoon" phase. It just gets better for awhile and you feel well enough to somewhat enjoy what is going on. But be prepared if it doesn't come on right when it is supposed to. Mine came on towards the END of my fourth month so I was letting my doc know I wasn't happy about being told it would come at a certain time and then it not show up! LOL Your emotions will be SOOOO much better too!

    Also be on the lookout for depression. This is something I will talk to you about in another post.

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