First Rheumy Appt Nervous

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amberdotcom, Jun 19, 2006.

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    Guess this is sort of a vent but I've been diagnosed for a year now and have made do just fine with the Nurse Practitioner at my GP's office; she left awhile back and the new NP is pretty OK but I went back today to complain about increased problems with leg pain, walking and hand pain and she says it's time to go to a Rheumatologist. She also did blood work to check for RA.
    I can't help it, I'm really nervous about going to a Rheumy. I'm afraid she'll push the trigger points too hard and it'll hurt for days, then I'm afraid she'll push them and I won't react and she'll say it's all in my head, I'm afraid she'll say she can't do anything but I'm also afraid of what treatment or drugs she might propose. And I'm afraid I'll forget to tell her about a symptom but also afraid if I write all my symptoms down she'll think (again) it's all in my head or I'm a hypchondriac.
    I know, I've probably read one to many bad doctor stories on the board and I'm probably just worried about the unknown new doctor, a situation I can't control. I'm going to make a second post just to ask if anyone here has heard of or gone to the doc. I was told to see.
    Anyway - any advice on how to calm down and communicate well with a new doc is appreciated but more important then that - Thanks for listening and giving me a place to just vent this out!
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    I just typed out a list of symptoms and questions. I let him read it without interupting, answer his questions of clairification. You can also bring a tape recorder for the answers he/she gives.

    When I first was looking for a DX, I thought the same thing about all my symptoms and being a possible hypochondriac.

    So when he did the pressure points I only told him of the ones that really hurt not the ones that were tender too.

    A year later, I was truthful and got the dx of Fibro. I am much better now and only wished I was truthful the first appointment.

    And if he thinks your crazy, hes got the problem. And I would not want him as a doc because he apparently has not done his homework. Move on!

    Good luck, I hope it goes better than you think!
  3. amberdotcom

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    Thanks! Writing it down does seem to be the way to go and I'll just have to keep reminding myself speak up if I feel I'm not treated right (I'm tough right up until I'm face to face with a doctor then I tend to back off).
    Appointment's not until August 14th, that was the best I could get but I might try another doctor nearby and see what availability he has - he was recommended on these boards and by a wonderful stroke of luck is in my insurance plan.

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