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  1. laceydel

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    New here. I was just curious what the very first signs and symptoms of fibro were for each of you. Did they hit all at once? Did they gradually appear? About how old were you when they began. Just trying to figure what's going on with me. Thanks for your help!
  2. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I was in 2 bad wrecks, neither my fault, over a 20 year period. After the second I began having some weird neurological symptoms. They continued to worsen over about 3 years then came pain, later fatigue and both of those have gotten much worse over the past 20 years.
  3. MY first symptom was my thumb could not be touched or moved without severe pain.This went on for 2 years before any other symptom appreared. It was the only thing for 2 years. I read in fibro book that exact spot on thumb is one of the first symptoms for alot of people. Ruthie
  4. dragon06

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    I have had this pretty much my whole life. My mom says my symptoms started when I was around 3. I have had a progression of symptoms my whole life...I have always been getting worse.
  5. Janalynn

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    It's kind of hard to remember. As a child I know I had terrible "growing pains" - or at least that's what we called them. I always had leg aches when I was tired as well.
    Then when I was 23, I had such horrible leg/knee pain that I could barely walk. I couldn't do stairs at all. I had to crawl. At that time, I had horrible bowel problems as well and went through all sorts of testing. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel, but nothing showed up on the tests for my knees.
    Several years later, the skin on my arm felt like it had been burnt. I couldn't touch it at all. Even air hurt it.
    This went on for almost a month solid. Nerve conductor tests came back normal.
    Throughout the years, as I said, I've always had horrible leg aches and pain (that's been my worst problem). I was finally diagnosed a year ago.
    I think we all have a different story.

    What is going on with you?
  6. spmom

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    My first symptoms was severe pain in my pelvis immediately following the birth of my first child. I thought it was related to post delivery, but the pain never went away. I felt like I was having contractions it was so bad. This went on for about fifteen months when I had a very bizarre pain experience. It was like a was being pricked with a pin from the inside of my arm. It was such an odd sensation that I knew there was something wrong.
    I've since progressed to wide spread pain, fatigue and tenderness over the last seven years.
  7. msnova74

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    I literally owke up one day and could not walk the pain in my leg was so severe. I took a while for the MD's to come up with fibro.

  8. lgp

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    From reading the replies of others, I can say that it probably started some years ago after the birth of my last child when I had almost paralyzing pelvic pain. That abated after awhile, but in 2000, like willieruthie, I started to experience unrelenting pain in my right thumb--at the base, extending into the joint and up my pointer finger. That pain has never really gone away--it won't hurt for a day or two, and then BAM! the pain is back.

    However, I will say the fibro really picked up velocity and threw me into my first major (and worst) flare two summers ago when I noticed an odd pattern in my sleep. I would go to bed and fall asleep, and yet I was consciously aware (under my closed fluttering eyes) of my bedroom the whole night long, night after night. By October, I was in the worst flare of my life, thought I was dying, and it sent me running to the internist. After a battery of test by a variety of specialists, my internist suspected fibromyalgia which was confirmed by my rheumatologist in January 2007. What helped me in obtaining the diagnosis from the rheumy was the fact that I kept a 'pain journal' for several months because of the ENT problems I was also experieincing. My rheumy was very grateful to read it and said it was a great help.

    Hope this information is helpful to you. I know this board is my lifeline!!

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