First Spring for cats

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Didoe, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Since the weather warmed up, our common backyard has more than the usual
    crowds of birds coming to nest. so Bootie, the shorter, fatter,
    naughtier ruffian is ready at any time, given the opportunity, to catch a
    bird...or the squirrel that loves to tease both cats by running up and down
    the adjacent house wall and stopping mid ladder to stare right at them as they sit , faces squashed against the screens.
    (I've seen it, its like who blinks first)

    As the weather warms, there are bits of fluff and flotsam that whiz by and
    so the fat meatballee has learned to smack the nylon screen. I was in the living
    room and kept hearing thump....thump, and walk into bedroom to find him
    whacking the screen so hard I was afriad one really good whack would send
    him 2 floors down and he would be off chasing everything. When the doorbell rings
    and he runs to answer, (no matter how many times I ask if its really for him), he's
    got faith that one day some of his buddies from the shelter will come by
    so he can show off.

    So I bought large metal window screens to place in front of the screens where they sit
    every day and watch the world and whack at odd bits. I put the screens in
    place last night, and you would have thought I cut their lines of
    ALtho I could see thru, the new screen made it dark and
    dense to really have any fun, you cannt reach flotsam with a metal screen
    in front of your face.

    Both of them refused to go near the windows. Mr. Boo was skulking and sulking most of the evening. When he's upset, he paces back and forth. He is too funny. If he could actually talk, I'd have a 24/7 headache, being confined to body language, he does very well for himself.
    This morning I found both of them sitting glumly, Bootie on a chair and Mr. Boo was rolling on his back on the bed staring at the ceiling. Normally they watch the sunrise evvery morning and wait for the first birds.

    I caved and removed the screens and immediately both took their places at a

  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Didoe,

    I have been missing your posts about those two. Hopefully both Mr Boo and Boo2 are bahaving themselves, even if they have to go crazy watching all those birdies.

    Hope you and those two are doing well, now that you have caved in and took down the screens (-: !!

    If you get the chance and are feeling up to it I'd loive to hear about more of their escapades ( as I am sure others would too). You have a wonderful way with words and those two provide the on going topic.


  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    you removed those screens....

    well, I love hearing what Boo Parts One and Two are upto ...always entertaining...always.

    Love those cats

    God Bless
  4. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Mr. B is part Ragdoll and his weight settled down at 18 lbs, the average for that breed. I got scared thinking maybe it was the food, but he stops when he's full unlike his buddy who vacuums up anything and everything when he's stressed, which is too often for a kitty kat.

    Mr. B doesnt whack the screens tho, he's afraid of his own shadow even tho he insists on being alpha cat and protector of the realm, all two rooms of it. Its the scrappy street thug who runs to answer the door and chases fluff that thinks he can fly if he goes thru the screen.

    as a kitten, shortee would jump 3-4 feet to catch whatever was thrown--never mind what was behind him, next to him...landing in a water bowl meant little to him, crashing into the wall, he shook it off ...he's looking a little punch drunk with all this throwing himself around, but can still jump straight up in the air as round as he is

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