First tests.... and first blackout

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by justdifferent, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I had to riffle through the paperwork and didn't write everything down, but I saw a rheumatologist today. He is very very nice. Was thorough about taking history, and I had to bite my tongue not to answer cheekily (eg he asks about dry eyes and dry mouth and I refrain from saying "Sjogren's".... and just answer the question). Then he ordered a pretty comprehensive and standard order of tests: an x-ray of my most painful joints, which in my case are in my hands (having to pick one!) and a slew of blood tests. Now - I do not mind blood tests, and had about seven tubes drawn about three weeks ago to do the initial bloodwork that ended up with the result that my RF was high.

    I headed to do the bloodwork and the nurse used a butterfly needle. I was half curious about this because I know butterfly-drawn blood cannot be used for certain tests, electrolytes being one of them, but didn't ask because the stick is easier. She couldn't really get much out of one arm and asked me if I'd drank anything so far that day. Yes, I had.

    She moved to the other arm and was getting good flow - BUT before the end of tube one I was flushing, getting hot, my ears were ringing, and my vision was fading out. I told her I wasn't feeling well when we got to the two-tubes-left mark and she finished as quickly as she could, but by that time I couldn't see. Someone shoved a cotton ball with ammonia on it under my nose and I walked assisted to sit down. I got some orange juice to drink and in a few minutes a nurse came in and took my blood pressure - which was at 90/60. I am a hypertensive; I never ever have pressure that low, and I've never fainted or felt unwell during any other blood draw or procedure and I've had my share.

    It took about an hour for my blood pressure to stabilise and me to be able to drive home. I couldn't do the HLA-B27 today because of lab rules, but did all else - including Western Blot for Lyme. I didn't get my x-ray done because I wasn't going to wait around for that, I was headed home. I will do the HLA and the x-ray on Monday.

    I've felt horrible the whole rest of the day and am wondering if my borderline anemia and the fact that I gave up a lot of blood not too long ago may have been the culprit for this.

    Anyway - now the wait for the second set of results, while I missed another day of work (cringe).
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    I still think that I have CFS and not FM; and if I do have RA, then it's in very early stages. Still.... to ache so badly that I couldn't walk, in every joint in cold damp weather when I was still under 40 - is a bit of a concern to me. Luckily I don't live in a climate like that! :)

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