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    Hello everyone; this is my first time at this website. I've been suffering alone for years without knowing about this wonderful resource. I am a type 1 diabetic for the past 23 years but think that I've had chronic fatigue syndrome for an even longer period of time. I went on a diabetes website and was shocked to find out that many diabetics also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome; as I do. I was misled all of these years and told that it is very unusual to have both disorders. All I know is that at 17 years old; I acquired some kind of virus; after which I never felt the same again and it kicked off all of my medical problems that I would suffer from for the rest of my life. There was no name for this back then; it was just attributed to my "nerves"; as I was always a nervous person. Then in college I found out I had hypoglycemia; but thought that would correct itself because everything was always blamed on my nerves. Within a few years; I developed Type 1 diabetes and there finally was a name for what I had been feeling for 6 years; but this has never explained my malaise; constantly swollen lymph glands, slight fevers, and the accompanying muscle aches like I have a chronic flu state. Of course my blood sugars are affected when my lymph glands flare up which has become much worse as I've gotten older; which makes my diabetes doubly hard to control. I know diabetes is an auto-immune disorder; but is chronic fatigue syndrome considered also an auto-immune process? This would make sense because I've read that if you have one auto-immune disorder; you could be prone to developing others also. Does anyone have info about this? I would welcome all responses; especially from everyone else who might have a similar story. Thank you for allowing me to tell you about myself. I look forward to all responses.
  2. WELCOME this is a wonderful site, with tons of info. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Welcome to the board!!

    I think that CFS is considered auto immune illness. I have always considered it to be. I have lichen sclerosis, also auto immune illness. Definatly with one, you tend to get more.

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    Glad you found us.

    Whether or not CFS is an autoimmune disease isn't known yet. It may very well turn out that way but I don't think there has been much succes in treating with steroids which I think usually are used to treat other autoimmune disorders.

    If you want, fill out your profile so we can know you better.

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    Hello, I have had this DD all my life a little by little getting worse. Thats just me, I've heard very similar stories like yours here though. You will definatly find much info here.
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    Comon in. Lots of nice people here who can provide info, share experiences, etc.

    Check out the library above (in purple) for articles on a variety of topics.
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    Just wanted to say welcome to you!