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    Hi: Just got back from my first outing with a wheelchair. Such a relief to be able to get around and do my shopping without coming home hurting. Most shopping trips have been ending before I could get it done because of the pain, but most times I just couldn't bring myself to go out and put myself through that.
    My friend got me one to try out free from the Royal Canadian Legion. That's nice because money is an issue because I have to quit my job because of this.
    Anyway, it was a big scary at first, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly and couldn't go too far because I have to develop the muscles in my arms and shoulders, but managed to get everything done I wanted to do.
    I'm happy I made this decision though, because I was getting tired of being housebound. Can still manage to drive, so that helps.
    Hope you are all having a nice Sunday.
    Take care - Love - Irene
  2. ladybird1

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    Glad tosee you can now get around with less tiredness.
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    hi, irene..... this is my first time on the board and when i saw your title i couldn't help but respond. i know just how you have felt about being housebound. although i am not.....i have had a fear of being in a wheelchair for many, many years (i wont tell how many).....i thank god every day that i am still on my feet and painful as it is i walk with the aid of a cane and feel the pain etc., etc.
    but, i know the day will come and when it does.....i hope i will be ready as you are. i have had spinal problems, arthritis, fm, hip replacements, etc., and the prognosis was originaly a chair. right now i sit down when i absolutely have to!!!! i hope to talke...(write) to you again soon.... hope you are having a great day....

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    it's an enabler and I could not imagine what life would be like without it. When it breaks down and I have to wait too long for the repair I really feel very down and isolated. Mine has been adapted to my specific needs, the back is higher, there's a specially shaped neck/head support and I have a jay cushion to help me sit up. My postural weakness is severe.

    My arms are too weak for a manual chair and I live on my own now so I really need something that allows me to get outside these 4 walls whenever I can.

    I know people with a range of disabilities who use wheelchairs or scooters in order to preserve their limited energy, they too find them a godsend.

    No one should ever fear ending up in a wheelchair. It's not the end of the world and much easier than trying to struggle against the odds and making oneself worse. How do I know? I did just that myself. I lost so much muscle and strength, and it just made my condition worse.

    A wheelchair, if you need one, opens up your world again.



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  5. Lexied

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    I just wanted to say how proud I am that you decided to "live" a little and use a wheelchair. I too used one for the first time last week and it allowed me to almost enjoy shopping for the first time in 2 years. With the help of that chair and my husband, I was able to stay over an hour instead of turning around and going home soon after walking in the store. Before I would break out in a cold sweat and would hurt so bad I could hardly stand. It took me a long time to swallow my pride and listen to my family telling me to use the wheelchair when I needed it. I too was tired of being homebound and spiraling toward deep depression. I'm so glad you have your "Wheels" now! God Bless You!

    Love - Lex
  6. Jackie41

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    I'm so happy for you. Although I don't use a wheel chair, I still know what you mean. My legs fatigue so easily that I couldn't go to a mall without constantly sitting down to rest. A girlfriend of mine with MS had a spare pair of forearm crutches and suggested I try them out. I well remember the first time I used them---at the mall, of course! Naturally it was a bit embarrassing at first, but with the extra support, I could go as far as I needed to. It was so liberating. I soon bought a pair of my own, and now I hardly go anywhere without them. It was indeed like getting my life back, or at least a big piece of it. Congratulations on your new-found mobility.

  7. petfriend

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    I'm so happy to be here with all of you who speak the same language as me. People who don't have our health issues cannot possibly understand. I have been fighting with this for five years or so with different progressively worse symptoms and just didn't know where to turn or what was happening to me. Drs. have such a hard time with diagnosis and I began to think it was all in my mind. (Sound familiar)? Anyway, I'm finally getting some action from the Dr. and have an appointment with a Rheumatologist for Sept. and am waiting for an appt. with an Ortho whom I was told is booking into January. The Dr. had to finally pay attention when I could hardly walk anymore. She kept telling me to exercise and lose weight and I've been doing both, but still the pain increases. I'm in a full-blown flare up now and don't know how long it's going to last, but I'm doing all I can to find out what's going on with me and what I can do for it and also how to cope.
    I've been so happy to find this place to come to gripe, cry and come to terms with things by sharing with others.
    Thank you all again - Irene