First time on Klonopin

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MissRachel, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. MissRachel

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    My DR had prescribed Klonopin for myclonic jerking. Can anyone tell what I can expect. He said to take 0.5 to 2.0 tablets at bed time. I have a high tolerance to pain medication. Should I start low? What if the low dose doesn't work, can I take more the same night?

    Any input please?

  2. RoseSky

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    I also have a pretty high tolerance to drugs in general. Klonopin isn't a pain killer though, so if that is the only type of drug that you have a tolerance to start off easy. I usually have to take 2 in order for it to work. Yes, you can take more if you take a low dose and it doesn't work. At least I haven't had any problems when I did - I don't think a dr ever actually told me it was ok, I just did it. I wouldn't go over the limit your dr gave you though. Also, don't drink any alchol after you have taken it. I did that once and it completely knocked me out - I got real dizzy, couldn't walk, etc. If you don't get any relief from Klonopin, I take Trazadone for sleep - works pretty good for me.
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    or at least a normal tolerance to meds, unlike lots of us.

    START LOW-ish.

    I started Klonopin last week. On Monday night I took 2 .5mg tablets at bedtime. The next day I took 1/2 .5mg tab in the morning. That was too much so I didn't take anymore 'til bed, where I again took 2 tabs. The next day I felt AWFUL, from reading the pharmacy sheet, I figure I'd overdosed on it. (But boy, I sure fell asleep fast.) so I didn't take any on Wednesday.

    Thurs & Fri I took 1/4 .5mg twice during the day, and 1-1/2 tabs at night. That still seemed a little much since on both Monday and Friday nights I may have walked in my sleep. (I coulda swore I got up to pee, but the next morning saw that I hadn't.)

    So right now I'm taking the 1/4 tab twice a day and just 1 tab at bedtime. After a week I may bump it up to 1-1/2, then up to 2. (My doctor had told me to start with 2 at night!)
  4. Mikie

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    You can take 1/2 of a tablet and if that doesn't work, let 1/4 of a tablet dissolve under your tonge. You can let the other 1/4 of the tablet dissolve under your tongue too. It's better to start out slowly. It takes a little while to adjust to it so that you wake up feeling alert. Work up to the smallest dose which will allow you to get good sleep and awaken refreshed and alert.

    Love, Mikie
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    I take Klonopin for the same reason, among other things, and I started on 0.5 mg and now take 1.5 mg each night. I built it up slowly, just like I do any med I take.

    Good luck and let us know how it works for you.

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    I also started taking Klonopin last week. I also take trazadone at night and Quinine Sulfate for legs.I have been sleeping really good.I haven't needed to up my dose yet.Starting out slow is good advise.I hope you find the right dose for you.Wishing you a restful night.
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    I started Klonopin on the first of this month but wasn't told it can be taken under the tongue. Is there just a certain kind that can be taken under the tongue like my Zofran? There is sublingual and 'normal' oral pill form. My Klonopin is a pink normal looking pill that I can't even break in half without a knife. I'm guessing I can't take that under the tongue. Clarify this anybody?
  8. Mikie

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    Yes, you can take the tablets under the tongue and it mainlines it right into the bloodstream. You need to buy a pill splitter and you can cut the tablets into quarters. I carry them in my purse in case I start feeling anxiety or sensory overload.

    Both my doc and the pharmacist said taking the Klonopin this way is perfectly safe. I usually swallow one tablet with water at bedtime and let 1/2 a tablet dissolve under my tongue. This makes me feel sleepy very rapidly.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ponygirl

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    Just when I thought I had had enough lurking on this site , I come back to cruise thru. Well. After reading this I am curious about MYCLONIC JERKING. Is that what is happenening to me now in the middle of the night when I am asleep , I jerk and it wakes me up????? My muscle spasms have always been my biggest complain, now this. Holding a bottle of nuerontin in my hand. Had it filled a month ago, kinda scared to try it. Whats klonapin for, and how do you like it ? Neurontin anyone????? Pony girl