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    Ok All This Is The First Time I Have Used The Message Boards But I Had To Get Some Things Off My Chest! Its Clean So Don't Worry I Might Sent It Out To The "Local' News Paper Who Knows It May Get Printed Let Me Know What You Think

    To The People Of Society:

    Things I Need To Get Off My Chest Before I EXPLODE!!!
    Why Is It When I Tell Someone I Have A "Condition" It Isn't Real?
    I Actually Have 2 One Is Osteoarthritis The Other Fibromyalgia. Just Because You Can't Physically See Symptoms DOES NOT Mean They Are NOT There!!! I Was Recently Diagnosed WIth Both So How Do Doctors Decide IF You Have Fibro Or Not? Good Question! There Is NO Blood Work No Lab Tests Of Any Sort Ect. BUT What They Do Is A Pressure Point Test It Is The Only Thing They Have I Mean Come On! What If Someone Walks Up To You And Said I Have Cancer? Would You Believe Them? Can You See The Pain They Feel Or More So FEEL The Pain They Feel? I Live With Pain EVERY Day!!! Getting Out Of Bed Can Be A Challange. Some Mornings Feels Like I'm Stepping On Shards Of Glass. This "Condition" Put Me Out Of Work For 6 1/2 Weeks! Just Because Of Pain!!! Things I "Used" To Do I No Longer Can It Ticks Me Off That People Think That I Lie!!! Why Would I Lie About Pain? I Have NO Need To First Of All. Second...I REALLY Wish They Could Walk In My Shoes For About 5 Days With NO Pain Killers Like Someone Said To Me. "I" Should" Stay Away From Them!?!?! I Responded With I DID!!! And Looked What Happened I Went Out Remember??? Others Think Its ALL In My Head But Its NOT My Fault And I Need To Find The Root Of The Problem?!?!?!? I Have To Deal With This EVERYDAY!!! Not Them They DON'T See How I Am When I First Get Up In The Morning Or The Last Thing At Night Or Even During The Day. I Have Been On 5 Yes I Said 5 Different Pain Meds And So Far NONE Have Worked!!! I Also Take A Muscle Relaxer And Anti-Inflamatory You Think I Enjoy Taking Meds? You Think I Want To Keep Doing This The Rest Of My Life? I DON'T THINK SO!!! I See A Chiropractor 3x's A Week Because Of It. I Have Days Where I Have To Have My Room Mate Take Out The Trash I Mean Just The Trash! WHY?!?!?! ALL Because Of PAIN!!! There Are LOTS Of Restless Nights To Many To Count. Days Where I Leave Work Early Because My Body Says Hey I've Had It!! They "My Co-Workers" Look At Me All Hunched Over And Ask If I'm Ok Its Like Do I FLIPPING Look Ok To You?!?!??! I Tell People At My Job Which By The Way I'm A Cashier So I'm On My Feet 8 Hours A Day. I Just Tell Them "If" I'm Having A Good Day Touch Me And I Break Your Fingers BUT "If" I'm Having A Bad Day I Will Tell Them Touch Me I Will Break Other Body Parts. And I DO Have Bad Days! One Of My Co-Workers Once Said...And I QUOTE "You Must NOT Be That Bad Your Still Coming Into Work" End Quote I Wanted To Slap The You Know What Out Of Her!!! By The Time I Left Work I Was Barely WALKING! And She Looked At Me The Same Person And Asked If I Was Ok!!?!?! Now She "Claims" She Has The Same "Conditions" I Do. Ok Fine But There Is A Difference SHE Isn't Me! Last Time I Looked I Was Still Me. And I Could Have Gotten Really Pety About This BUT Chose NOT To Drop Down To Her Level What Do I Mean? What I Mean Is This... The First Day I Came Back To Work I Could Have Walked Up To Her And Said You Still Think My "Condition" Isn't That Bad? You Try Standing On Your Feet For 8 Hours A Day And Have Serveral Muscle Spasms Going On At The Same Time. Trust Me ITS NOT EASY!!! All I Want Is To Get Better Thats ALL I Want And I Don't Think Its Asking For Much. But In The Mean Time I Do What I'm Told Which Is Taking My Meds Going To The Chiro Doing My Exercises And Working. Most Importantly Though I Want The People Of Society To Understand Even Thou You Can't ALWAYS See A Sickness DOES NOT Mean It Isn't There And We Don't Have Pain.
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    abbylee New Member

    I think you summed it up pretty good for all of us so go for it! Perhaps it will change some peoples minds.

  3. jitterluvbug1

    jitterluvbug1 New Member

    Its Just I Get Sick Of People Thinking I DON'T Have Something Wrong Because They CAN'T See It. What If I Were To Ask Someone What Did Your Relative/Friend Ect Die From? And They Say Cancer How Would They Feel If I Said Prove It? Yes X-Rays Can Show 1 Condition BUT Not The Other BUT It Also Doesn't Mean I Don't Have It. What Am I Suppose To Do? Most Of The Time I Don't Bother Telling Anyone Why? They DON'T Want To Hear About It. All They Want To Hear Is Oh I Feel GREAT!! When In Fact Your In Antongonising PAIN!!! Even My "Supposed" Best Friend Doesn't Think Anything Is Wrong She Has Decided To Find Someone Else To Hang Out With. The "Other" Person I "Thought" Was My Friend Is The One Who Told Me To Stay Away From The Pain Killers Yeah Ok You Have My Pain For 5 Days A Then Get Back To Me! Its Gotten To The Point Where Like Usual I Do Things On My Own I Can't Rely On People. I'm Better Off By Myself Anyway I've Been Dealing With My Moms Death For Almost 4 Years By Myself Even Though I Have Sisters And Brothers They DON'T Bother Calling So Why Should This Be Any Different? Yes They Know What Is Going On To. I've Given Up On Family Too Because They Apparently Have Given Up On Me But Its Thier Loss NOT Mine And That I Have Accepted.
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    Since being sick myself with fibro when I look at "anyone" I realize, no matter how they look, they can be sick with "any" disease or illness.

    People with cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and yes fibro and cfs all may look healthy.

    Those people who have no compassion for the sick and suffering are to be pitied. When confronted by people like that, back off and do not even try to explain or even expect then to care - they are not capable.

    This world is made up of all kinds of people and each day I thank God for the wonderful people I know. The people I meet who are insensitive and cruel I stay far away from - unfortunately that includes some of my own family.

  5. musikmaker

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    Yes, what your a feeling is something I believe we all have had to struggle with at sometime. When you hurt so bad its hard not to get angry with these morons......however, the anger will only makes us feel worse as it is a major stressor. Try rising above these fools for your own health. You might find a response that shuts them down....such as.....I'm really sorry you aren't educated enough to understand. And oh by the way, I would appreciate it if you don't talk with me until you educate yourself.

    Really......don't let the fools cause anger in yourself that will only hurt you more. We have to be stronger than them for our own sanity and well being.
  6. jitterluvbug1

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    This Might Sound Crazy But I Took Your Advice And Sent It To The Local News Paper LOL!!! Who Knows They Just May Publish It ;) This Is What I Put In The Subject Line
    Fustrated With Society As A Whole

    Then In The Main Page Message I Started Off With This
    To Whom It May Concern:
    If You Do At All I'm Just A Simple Woman Who Will Be Turning 41 Soon No This Is NOT A Mid-Life Crisis This Is Life In General People Of Society Need To Understand Just Because You Can't See Something Doesn't Mean It Isn't There. Thank You For Considering My Letter.
  7. anakinkaid

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    Oh yes, I understand. While in college I was 'gifted' with epilespy due to a long fall down some stairs. Handcapped: YES! Could others SEE it? NO!!!! But I lived it (and still do). Over the years, I have come to realize that I 'see' the illness because I know, I live, I experience it - every day. Often other people don't know because they haven't been there/aren't there. I Know and See epilespy better than they because I am there.

    So, I try to gently educate people. People are so afraid of what they don't know. Afraid the 'thing' can happen to them. SO they get angry/judge/label: push back, away. If we join them in anger, then I think we joined them (and it sure doesn't help my stress level). Instead (on my good hair days), I try to share what I know that they don't.

    Now there is CFS: the greatest challenge I've ever faced. So I work every day on my REAL current job: relaxing inside myself (so hard that), sharing when I can, where I can, learning more about myself, helping others learn more about all of us as we truly are-real, scared, brave, trying-just for today.

    If these thoughts help, that makes it a good day for me. Looking at it from that point of view helped me survive and preserved my sense of self from anger.

    Ever - Ana
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  8. jitterluvbug1

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    Thanks For Sharing And I Am Sorry These Are Things That Need To Be Shared With Others And I Am Just MAD/ANGRY At The World Because They Don't Want To Understand. You My Friend Are In My Thoughts And Prayers Even Thou We Don't Know Each Other. In A Way I Do Hope The Local News Paper Prints What I Wrote To Show That What We Have Is Real. And NOT In Our Heads.
  9. jitterluvbug1

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    One Of The Reasons I Wrote This Is Because Of Anger And I Feel Better For It. Its One Of The Ways I Can TRUELY Express Myself Without Hiding Behind A Curtain. So To Speak. Not That I Don't Anyway But If People See It In Print They Are MORE Likely To Pay Closer Attention Don't You Think? Just My Opinion.
  10. Remnant

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    What adds insult to injury is Dr.s telling people it's all in their head or they're just depressed.

    Yes, in this day and age, My Brother was told, by a "friend" of his, who is a female Family Dr. that FMS & CFS are all simply symptoms of depression. So, naturally my brother blames me for being so depressed.

    IM NOT DEPRESSED!! Which came first, the pain or the depression?! And have you seen those commercials for a new drug. whereby they claim that Depression "hurts everywhere"? So yeah, we'll still be blamed for this, as somethign we're doing TO ourselves, CAUSING ourselves, or IMAGINING...idiots, even the educated you THINK will understand, watch them too.
  11. jitterluvbug1

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    I Know How You Feel About "Suposed" Family My Sisters Have Known About My "Condition" For MONTHS Do You Think They Bother Calling? NOPE! Do You Think They Wonder How I'm Feeling? NOPE! I Just Get Tired Of Everything And Of Everyone. So I Keep To Myself Until I Explode Like I Did With This Piece I Wrote.

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