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    HI, I have had chronic pain in my shoulders since I was about 12yrs old. It has gotten worse and worse. I suffer migranes, major sleep problems, night sweats, fatigue, GERD, have sprained and broken my ankle a number of times, as well as other problems. I also have degenerating disk problems from a long ago injury.I went to a sleep clinic years ago and was told I have restless legs sydrome. I will be 40 next fall.

    I have gone to my Dr many times over the years about these different issues. Finally last week he mentioned FM. I didn't know what it was really so I came home and looked it up. I started to CRY as I felt like I wasn't crazy!!

    I have not had the test of the pressure points etc, and all that has been done so far is that I take an arthritic med and I am on antidepressents(long history of depression) and on trazadone for sleeping.I also had alot of blood work done. I couldn't believe what I was reading! It was like a light went off for me! I used to tell my therapist that I feel like something is really wrong with me and no one knows it.

    How do I find a Dr who understands this and can help me. I live in a small community and we have no specialists here. I would like to find someone in Ottawa.
    How do I get my dh to understand this??

    Sorry to ramble but I have had a lot to absorb. I just saw the Dr last week.


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    Having this brings on a million different emotions as I am sure you are finding. And finding a Doctor can be just as emotionally trying I think. We do have a good doctors list on the home page. However for some of that live in the smaller areas it is slim pickens. There aren't many. The best thing to do is to look in the phone book under pain specialists. That is what has been recommended over and again here.
    I wish you the best of luck. research, reasearch, and research. Like they say knowledge is power.
    God bless and welcome to the board. It is a great place for support and help with questions you may have.
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    I guess I am still trying to absorb it all. I know my dh has no idea, as I have always been one to keep things to myself unless it is so bad I just can't stand it.

    I do most things around the house. I am a SAHM with a teen and a 3 yr old with challanges. She has a mild form of spina bifida and had surgery in Nov. She has bowel problems as a result as well as other issues that can be very taxing!!

    I did find out today that my dh's insurance will cover 300 a year for each of: physio, massage, and chiropractor. This is a relief!!

    I think there is a support group locally, I will have to call and find out.

    I am sure I will have lots of questions as the days and months pass.

    Thanks again

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    Do you live near Ottawa, Ontario? If you do, I can give you the names of doctors who can help you.