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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ftgfibro, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I was having a terrible time yesterday and I was all over the internet looking for a message board to post on. was feeling just awful and I dont often go into a real full blown attack so I get really anxious when they do hit.

    I am looking for a place to post and get support for this 'syndrome' that affects so many of us in so many different ways. I was diagnosed back in 1990 by my gastro specialist, believe it or not. I was complaining about the sensitivity in my rib cage area and asking why it hurt to even touch there if there was "nothing wrong" with me. He said, "Well, it's because you have fibromyalgia. Hasn't anyone ever told you that before?" I fought the diagnosis for at least 5 years, but now I am learning to live with it. My biggest problem is overdoing when I do feel good. I get three days worth of work done in one when I am feeling wonderful.

    I hope I have found a home here. Diane
  2. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    There is a lot of good information and help here, plus people who know how you really feel.

    I would be lost without this support- hope it helps you, too!
  3. tlc8858

    tlc8858 New Member

    welcome to the board. Hope we can be of some help to you. It is funny you mention the ribcage. I was diagnosed a year ago, after breaking a rib that went undetected. The pain kept coming back and then moved to the other side. I wonder how many people started out with some sort of rib pain. I know there are several here who still get it.
    Hugs tlc8858
  4. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    Thanks for the welcome. I am looking forward to finding allot of support here. I get looks from people like they just don't believe that FMS is a 'real' thing or that they are clueless as to what it is. I am working hard at educating them, but I have a real hard time convincing my own husband that it is real, so I have work to do. I am finally asking my PMP for a referral to a specialist in fibro. My PMP is a very good doctor and is very open to whatever I learn about fibro, but she doesn't know enough about it to help me when I am actually having a full blown attack.
  5. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    That pain drove me crazy for a very long time! I had no clue why I hurt so much there. I have pain in all 18 tender spots. I finally accepted the diagnosis when I read about the tender spots. I have found that I have to pretty much educate myself. I just have a really tender abdominal and chest area. It just drives me crazy to be so sensitive. But, I guess we all just adjust and learn to live with those things. It is not as hard now that I know what it is anyway.

  6. mommysisland

    mommysisland New Member

    I'm sure you'll find a lot of helpful info, understanding and support here. I know I have. When I get down, it is nice to come here and read and post.

    You might enjoy searching for Letters to Normals in the box at the top of the page. It will bring up some good letters that help to explain to others how you feel lousy and look fine, even dear husbands (DH) can benefit. :)

    Sometimes it makes me realize/remember the extent of it too, so I can stop beating myself up so much.

    Take care, and again, welcome.

  7. mysharona

    mysharona New Member

    Hi..I'm new too..I've answered a few post but i've never started one..I don't know what to say actually...Already this place has gave me so much info that i needed to know and i want to answer everyone and say YEA ME TOO over a ailment...Everybody around me(family, few friends) makes me feel like a whiner..It is so comforting to come here and say how i really feel knowing that the people here understands...Just to type it out makes me want to cry with relief sometimes...Nice to meet you...Take care..

  8. Teresa6868

    Teresa6868 New Member

    Glad you have found us.

    It is almost a bad thing for us to feel good because then we do over-do-it, everytime, it's impossible not to.

    Soft Hugs, Teresa
  9. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I will check out the other posts and look at the other areas. Thanks for the suggestion. I really do get down on myself at times also. I think I am a lazy person. Maybe I am, but I don't think so. When I am feeling good, I am up and around and getting things done. I just have to learn to pace myself. Luckily, I do have one email pal who has this and has dealt with it for a long time. Often she brings me to the reality of this and tells me that I am doing more than a lot of people with the disease and I have to allow myself more leeway. Thanks for the welcome.

  10. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I find that when I am in a full attack of this disease I am very weepy. I believe that I read somewhere that it has a lot to do with the serotonin levels during it. I cry and weep like mad then. I do believe it is relief for me to cry also. The attack seems to subside once I have cried and released some of the stress. But I feel wicked awful for appearing to be a cry baby. I try to do it so privately.

  11. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I think you are right. We don't seem to know enough to pace ourselves. I just go hog wild for days at a time and I work through the day and into the night. I just keep going while I feel good. Then I pay for it. I was always a very active and thin teenager and young woman. I don't like what this inactivity does to me. I guess moderation is a word I have yet to learn.

  12. Rosario

    Rosario New Member

    I'm sure you'll love it here and find lots of information sharing and mutual support.

    My FMS began in my rib cage and chest wall almost 25 years ago. At that time I was diagnosed with 'muscular arthritis'.

    As the pain spread & became severe the diagnosis was updated to fibromyalgia. This was six years ago and though I (also) fought the diagnosis at first, I've come to accept it now and have found acceptance to be a necessary step in healing.

    I used to overdo on my good days but have since learned to keep a more steady pace. Of course, there are occassions when I really want to do something (for example. go to a concert or play), then I do go and enjoy myself as I'm able. This, with the understanding that I'll have to pay the price with a spell of increased pain and decreased energy.

    FMS/ME has taught me to budget my energy and prioritize and, most of all, I've learned to say no to events that are not worth the price.

    I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better. Welcome.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Welcome aboard. I'm glad you found us.

    I am on the Guai treatment and my symptoms are about 85 percent reversed, but yesterday and today, I am Herxing from my antiviral and/or antibiotic medications. Last night, I got the worst tender area just under my breast in my rib. I threw my trusty old rice sock into the microwave and placed it on the tender area. It was gone in about an hour.

    One thing which will help immensely is to learn to pace yourself, no matter how tempted you are to overdo it when you feel well. My rule of thumb, which I worked out with trial and error, is to do no more than 1/3 of what I feel like doing on a good day. This prevents the roller coaster ride of fatigue and pain.

    Love, Mikie
  14. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I have a hard time with that budgeting energy thing. I will have to work harder at that. My biggest concern now is educating my husband so he realizes that it si not 'all in my head". If it were just restricted to my head, I could handle it better.

    I used to think that the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was a dump-it-all diagnosis. I thought that if they couldn't find out what was wrong with you, they would just put you in the fibromyalgia category. It was a catch-all. I was slow to accept. Now I am accepting, but I want to fight the disease instead of dealing with it. I hope you can spread some of the budgeting philosophy with me.

    Thanks, Diane
  15. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I just had to go read up on the treatment you referred to. gosh , that sounds like a very hard treatment to go through. I don't know what the doctor in this area offers, but I do believe that I need to be under a specialist's care. The Guai treatment sure sounds like something that will put you through your pacess if you haven't done much for your illness prior to this treatment. I am glad you have had luck with it.

    1/3 fo whatever I want to do??? Wow! that is a real flip from what I do on good days. I have a lot to do and I think that stress alone is not helping. I will work on it though.

    Thanks for the info.
  16. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Glad u have found this site. Just don't take to heart when u think someone has made fun of u.
    I think that I took someone's reply to me the wrong way. It's just one of my bad days.
    Hope all goes well...
  17. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    I will try not to take things too seriously when suggested in fun. Like you mentioned though, it is easy enough to do that when you are in a fibro-mood. I will work on that!!

  18. ftgfibro

    ftgfibro New Member

    Astara, we'll search this site together and learn a lot, I am sure.

  19. buffyr

    buffyr New Member

    Just wanted to tell you not to be discouraged about people not believing fibro is real. Half of my family just thinks I'm lazy the other half might think I'm crazy:) I have my mom and sister that are really supportive and a sister in law with fibro so that does help a lot. But it is hard for people to understand that one day you may be able to function pretty well and the next you can barely move. My doctor at Mayo here in Minnesota said that 60% of patients with chronic pain get divorced within 10 years. So I guess that says something in itself. It's a really tough diagnosis to learn to accept and to deal with. i wish you all the best. I'll be praying for you.
  20. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    But welcome. Glad to have you here. This board is great.

    Love Anne C

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