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    This is my first time on this message board and I was hoping that someone out there might have some advice. I myself do not have diabetes but my dad (he’s aged 50 something and has had diabetes for approx 20yrs) does.

    Recently he was involved in a serious car accident due to low blood sugars. He was lucky to escape with just multiple fractures. He will now be off the road until he get the all clear from his doctor (might never happen).

    He has always denied his condition.....trying to carry on his life without confronting it. He eats sweet things regularly saying that it’s ok once he keeps a balance with his exercise and insulin.

    He has had many hypos during the last number of year and we (his family) has done our best to make he realise the dangers involved...but it has finally caught up with him – in the form of the car crash.

    Here come the questions!

    Is it normal to have approx 2-5 black-outs a year?

    Do most diabetics cut sweet food entirely from their diet and why is it good to do this?

    Do you think he will ever get the car keys back again....i.e. is he insurable?

    Hope someone can help...



    21 years old, from Ireland.
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    Welcome to the Boards! If, you haven't already, please post your questions on the Diabetes Board. I know you will get answers there.

    My dad passed away two years from complications from Diabetes and Parkinson's Diease.

    I know my older brother and my dad's sisters have it. I get tested but, I've been testing good (don't have it).

    I highly reccomend you have a blood test to check yourself for it. Do it yearly. When, you have your testing done ask tons of questions of the doctor.

    Don't forget to post on the Diabetes Board. At the top of this Board just "Click" on Message Boards and you'll be there!

    Again, Welcome to the Boards. I hear Ireland is Beautiful!

    All the Best!