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    Saying hello to everyone! I have finally figured out, after much reading and several attempts (lol) how to fix my profile, log in and post. It took me too long imo to find the icon i wanted to use. I already like it. grinz
    I am a fairly newly dx'ed FMS/CFS/IBS/RLS patient and I am working on getting my life back on track and hopefully in remission(wonderful goal). I am very positive about my condition. However, as it stands, there are good days and bad. I know you can relate. smiles
    I am forever seeking literature on my conditions, alternative treatments, physicians, etc. Anything to help!! Knowledge is the key. I love the Doctor Referral portion of this website. It's a big help!! If you have not looked already I recommend it highly. And I look forward to posting as much as I can contribute. I would like to know though if any could share how and where I would need to go to start a local support group.(if there's a website) with information on it. I have contacted my local Arthritis Foundation office as well as local Medical Center's. But, Im unsure how to proceed. I have accumulated some interest but am just unsure how to proceed. Any suggestions/websites any can recommend? I would appreciate it. looking forward to meeting and speaking with all, Traci
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    Good Morning Traci !
    I appreciate your zest! And you are Right On with the idea that Knowledge is the key! I (and others) believe that we hold that key, because if a Dr. does not actually specialize in FM and related, then they will not have the time to do the research that is needed to keep up with our DD's...But We DO have that time, and we should learn, learn, LEARN ! Oh, Brother, here I go!
    Traci, we are in great need of support groups! We had one going in our city- ONE in the capitol of the state! And I did a search the other day, and there were only 6 in our state, none nearby. So, Please ask again during the mid-day when more are on-board to help you out.
    The Net is a great place to get info, but I only learned of those places from this Board. These guys are the greatest! And the Articles in the Library will blow you away! That will be the first place to get specific info.
    Well, a Good Welcome to you, and I hope you will find this spot as caring,and supportive as I have!
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    Hi and welcome .I gald you came here this is a nice place here . Others will be here soon to welcome you also .Hopeing to see you agian and huggs
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    I only landed here a while back but they seem like a nice bunch. ;-}

    I haven't yet looked at some of the other parts of the board but will do now you've reccomended them.

    Oh and you do know that you need to select an icon (if you want one)EVERY time you post a message? (sorry if I'm telling you what you already know).

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    Just dropped by to WELCOME you. I am always willing to help if and when I can.
    Hope you enjoy being here " It's a good thing"

    Hugs, Shirley
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    Thank you to everyone who welcomed me. I am looking forward to speaking with others. I finally got a hit online for my local group idea. So, Im looking forward to speaking with them. It is a group of about 30 people from a church. I'm so blown away by the response. Ty for the support and the tips. wink wink Checking in and growing, growing, growing....smiles gentle hugs and blows kisses to all...traci
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    Glad you joined in with this active board. I have found information here that I haven't seen on other FM/CFS boards. Plus, everyone is quite supportive.

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    Hi Traci, welcome to our world. Good luck with your Support Group, sure hope you get one going.

    There is a link for Support Groups in different states on the 'Home' page, you might want to look at that one too.

    Again, welcome.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Just wanted to pop in and wish you a warm welcome! It's 5:55 am here, and the birds are rising and chirping....I havent made it to bed yet...darn sores all over the inside of my mouth, another bladder infection, and a neck that is screaming...oh my...what a welcome, huh? So glad you found your way to this site. It is a great place for support and most of all to become a pro-active patient. Looks like you are loaded with all the dx'es I, although the IBS and RLS have been under control for months now, one of my (and my Docs) wonderful accomplishments. I started from the place of picking my worst symptoms, researching, and experimenting with various treatments...and have been whittling away at them.
    Best wishes in your quest for wellness...
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  10. sare12

    sare12 New Member glad u have discovered this site! I have had lots of support here and made many friends....and I am sure that u will find the same love and support here. Wishing u all the best with ur new support group.....hope it is a great success.I have cfs/ibs/astma....and so on..looking forward to seeing u around.lots of love Sarexxx