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  1. tanu

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    Hi Everybody,
    I visited the clinic.Dr Aldino was friendly and understanding.I have CFS and he believes they need to address my sleep,and mitichondrial dysfunction .He went through my questionnaire and believes i have a yeast infection.As my insurance doesnt cover anhything it was expensive.I am tryining my PCP to help me out with blood tests.
    I am on the following medicines;
    1.Iv injection one shot-containing-Vit B-12(2000MCG),Adenosine Monophosphate-100mg,Glutathione-100mg
    I felt awul that day and still feel very heavy headed and dizzy today but my muscle aches are not as bad.I hope this is just an initial reaction and i soon feel energised.

    3.My B-Tab-B12,Folic acid and AMP
    4.Rest and Restore-contains600mg of Gaba ,3mg of Folic acid,AMP
    5.Lunesta-for sleep
    I have taken the NT tablet will take the rest once my initial rection to the injection gets better.I like to take one tablet at a time so that i can understand which medicine is making me worse and how long it takes for my body to normalise.
    Costs of First visit~$500 dollars ie initial visit fee 325+
    medicine costs.This is excluding the lab work which i am hopin g my insurance will cover .I dont know how much it costs?
    How have you all done on these medicines.Anyone been on these sleep medicines ?Did they work.Unfortunately i have a bad history with sleep medicines.I get worse on sleep medicines so i am not sure whether i do have a sleep disorder.Plus i sleep well at night.They question my qualiity of sleep.Maybe a sleep study would help?
    Getting dizzy now.
    Hope this helps

  2. fivesue

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    gone to these clinics, so maybe they can give you more info. I have tried Lunesta and it is only marginally helpful. I think at this point that my depression is out of control and I must get my brain chemicals back in order to really sleep again.

    I know that some people who have taken Lunesta get a horrible taste in their mouths; I do get it in the back of my throat when I awake in the morning, but coffee, etc. takes care of it; others have it all day.

    Best of luck with this new treatment.

  3. Jen102

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    i am always happy to hear about others' treatments, and interested in the FFC protocols. I had dizziness, kinda, following glutathione ivs. mine are much higher dosages, like 2200 mg. the feeling is like electricity in my brain--like the anodes being cleaned of corrosion and now the electricity is better able to travel--the synapses going. it has gotten better following several treatments. my energy and symptoms have improved. what is AMP? Jen
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    Hi Tanu,
    You're back with us! Good to hear from you. How have you been?

    I started going to the FFC in Cleve. in March. Now that the one in Seattle is open, and I live near it, I've transferred.

    Lab costs:
    For the first set of labs at my first appointment, the charges were $2152. Medicare, my primary insurance, paid at their allowable rate, which came to $362. I paid zero, and am not responsible to pay anything further. This is for the labs only.

    Perhaps you will have good luck with your PCP helping out with the cost of the labs.

    Sleep Medicines:
    I've been on a number of herbal types. Rest and Restore used to be called Peaceful Nights. This did help me quite a lot, but not enough. The Dr. wanted me to try Xyrem, but I definately did not want to. So I used Peaceful Nights, and something called ProCalm (taken after dinner, it's basically tryptophan).

    The best results I've had with sleep have come from my acupuncturist. She gave me "Schizandra Dreams" by Health Concerns. This contains Valerian, Schizandra, and calcium. She also gave me "take-home" acu-needles in my ear for sleep, during my difficult sleep period. Now I just take the "Dreams" each night. I generally sleep 7-8 hours, more deeply, and am more rested in the a.m.

    Wishing you well!
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