First Week of Oxycontin (time released)

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    and would love some feedback from others who use this medication. I was taking Vicodin ES, about 4 per day. Now I am on 10 mgs of Oxycontin twice a day. It has only been two days now and I am unable to give it a fair evaluation as such. It has taken away the ups and downs to give me stable pain control...not enough to help my functioning as fact, my functing is worse right now...during this change. I have a complex pain condition on top of FMS pain.

    Thanks for being here...Jan
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    for the conversion. The 4 Vicodin ES were not giving me enough control either. My doc is a love and she is new to chronic pain management. She may have 2 other patients on Oxycontin. Pain management is not her subspeciality and she is very upfront. I have been a patient for about 12 years now and do not feel a need to change...we are learning together...anyway...thanks so much for the conversion. I can see why I have less functioning than I had with the Vicodin ES.

    I hope you are feeling better soon...take good care,
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    No need to leave your present doc, but it might be beneficial to also see a pain specialist. This might actually be a relief to her as she doesn't sound too comfortable prescribing pain meds.

    Love, Mikie
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    I take oxycontin 40mg in the am 20mg in the evening. I am also given hyrocodone 10mg for when I feel I need it for "breakthrough pain". I can take two a day if needed, but somedays I don't need it at all.
    Anyway, that is another option, but I also agree with Mikie. Seeing a pain specialist would maybe help your doc with how much to perscribe to you via your pain doc.
    I also agree with Madwolf, that you probably not on a high enough dose of oxycontin, so talk with your doc and she what they think. don't wait till the pain in unbearable alright? What other pain problem do you have?
    Good luck,
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    you ask, "what other problem do you have."

    Thanks for your concern and for asking. I have osteoarthritis, 4 lumbar discs in pretty bad shape with tears, herniation and nerve compression, spinal stenosis, spondylothesis, bilateral pars defect, facet joint problems, cysts and spinal tumors and the list goes on...I also have a very painful hip joint with marked changes, bone cysts and arthritis. I have had my ankle joint rebuilt using bone from my body and an assortment of other joint injury conditions. I also have Hashimotos, a positive ANA and a high sed rate. I underestimate my pain a great deal and suffer as a result. I am working on being more honest about my pain levels. It's a good thing my pictures and tests tell a story or I would find myself without support from medicine. All this at 42! I am not as tough as I used to be.

    Thanks for your support...Jan
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    To have to deal with, I wish you the best of luck with the oxycontin. It is an amazing drug, and may help you get some pain under control.
    I would still ask about a break-through med as well. Don't hesitate asking. You'd be surprised at what doctors are willing to help with when you ask!! Don't ever feel you have to suffer you don't!!!!
    Doctors are gettting alot better at treating pain and you have to be the one being honest at what pain level you are at!
    You are so very welcome for the support. I bet you would do the same for me :) It's what we come here for right?
    Talk to you soon
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    Hi Jan~~Besides FM/CFS, I have degenerative disc disease with multiple back problems, nerve damage, severe asthma/allergies, IBS, and osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis.

    After trying various traditional and alternative therapies, my physician initially put me on 10mg oxycontin 2x's a day along with continuing the celebrex I had been taking. At our next monthly visit, I told him the two oxy were not giving me full coverage, and I needed something for breakthrough pain. He upped the oxy to 10mgs 3x's a day and gave me 10/325 percocet that I could take up to 3x's a day. I was also on soma for a muscle relaxer. Down the line, we added .5mg klonopin at night for sleep and restless legs. The celebrex was worthless to me. These meds made the pain bearable, and I was able to return to work.

    However, after 18 months of being at this dosage, the oxy was no longer as effective as it had been. So, in December I asked my physician about upping the oxy dose to 20mgs and changing the celebrex to bextra. He upped the oxy to 20mgs 2x's a day and gave me the bextra. At this point, he also insisted that I see a Pain Specialist for a "consultation" for backup documentation for my records. Upping the dosage to 20mgs was much better, however, I still wasn't getting full coverage because, for me, the oxy never lasted the proposed 12 hours. It would last a good 8 hours. I would take it at 6 a.m. and 2 p.m., but it would wear off by 10 pm, and I had no coverage during the night time and would wake up several times during the night with backpain. And changing from the celebrex to bextra (2 10mg at night) made an incredible difference.

    In January, I told my physician that the 20mgs 2x's a day was not giving me adequate coverage because they only lasted 8 hours, so we upped the dosage to 20mgs 3x's a day, and that has worked out well. Now, I only need the 10mg percocets when I have overdone or had to do physical things that caused breakthrough pain.

    Later in January, I saw the Pain Specialist who seemed to be very kind and knowledgeable. He only comes to the clinic once a month and was terribly busy with many, many people waiting in the lobby to see him. It became obvious that he scheduled his appointments every 15 minutes for the nurse kept interrupting our session telling him that his next, and next, and next patient was there. But, he spent around 45 minutes with me talking about all my ailments (my asthma was really bad that day, and I was wheezing, coughing, and gasping for breath, and you could hear the congestion in my chest rattling every time every time I took a breath)and then he spent a good deal of time examining me. He hit my knees and several other reflex areas of my body, but got no response from my knees or right arm. He told me my degenerative disc disease was advancing rapidly, and that I had extensive nerve damage, needed tests, no doubt in his mind I was going to need surgery, and asked,"Was I sure my medication was sufficient for me?" I told him we had just upped the oxy in December, and I was doing much better. He upped the klonopin from the .5mg at night I had been taking to 1mg and told me to take 2 to 3 soma a day instead of the one at night--or as needed. He said I was going to need more specialized care, tests, etc, and that even though he was not taking on any more patients at that time--that he would take my case because what I had was only going to get worse, and something needed to be done about the advancing nerve damage before it became permanent. For me to talk it over with my physician at my next monthly appt in February.

    So, my physician got his backup documentation for prescribing me the narcotics which I know made him feel less nervous about prescribing these meds over long term, and I ended up with some additional bad news, but I was glad to find it out and get an idea as to where we needed to go from there.

    Like me, the oxy only twice a day may not hold for 12 hours for you--maybe only 8 like me. Also, with all your medical problems, you may require 20mgs rather than the 10mg. Also, since oxy is a slow release medication--you need to ask your physician for a quick release med for breakthrough pain. While I was on the 10mg oxy for 18 months, it was the 10mg percocets that saved me. And, for me, changing the anti-inflamatory from celebrex (I had also tried naprosen & vioxx) to bextra was a Godsend. Made an incredible difference.

    Talk to your physician about upping the oxy to 20mgs 2x's a day--or you may need it 3x's a day, and about a quick release med for breakthrough pain. And, if you are not on an anti-inflamatory--ask him for one.

    Just as all physicians are different in their approach to treating chronic pain with narcotics--so are Pain Specialist. I was fortunate that the Pain Specialist I saw was caring, sympathic, took time with me, and gave me a thorough examination. I believe he would have upped my narcotic medication if I had said that I didn't think it was "sufficient".

    Talk to your physician, and I would also encourage you to talk to your doctor about consulting with a Pain Specialist, and I hope you get a good one. I know how debilitating and painful back problems can be. It will also give your physician backup documentation for your records, and she will not be hesitatant about prescribing what you need. Best Wishes, Carol....

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    wow! thanks for all of the great information. You have been through so much!

    Take care...Jan