first week of the new school year-- exhaustion!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Sep 5, 2003.

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    It's been an exhausting week, first week back with students. I am a school nurse, work a wonderful brand new high school in Southern CA. I love my job, but I am sitting here too exhausted to do anymore, and this was a 4 day week! I had hoped to get the fibro under better control this past summer, but for whatever reasons, I was feeling worse in August than I was last June. Of course, having my 2 adult sons move back home didn't help! Other than one day at a time, I am not sure how I will manage to get through this school year. I am so tired right now it feels like my bones are vibrating.

    I'm just venting, because I know I don't have to explain to you folks, you've all been there too. Well, another couple of hours and I will be on the road home. TGIF!!!


    Anyway, I'm just venting,
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    thanks for the reminder about the kids! wish it worked that way... I'll talk with them again, you are so right! I left a note requesting vaccuuming to be done yesterday but it didn't. Oh, well, keep trying!

    the school is now in its second year, so hopefully most of that awful stuff has outgassed. I didn't seem to react to much last year, and believe me, I know to when formaldehyde is in the air! I was pleased there seemed to be so little in the way of toxins last year. In my previous district, they opened a new elementary school only days after laying the new carpet. I told them I'd be at that school in 3 weeks, couldn't set foot in it before then. They had to live with that! I really felt for the kids who had to breathe that stuff, but they wouldn't listen about that. One of the many reasons I don't work there anymore.

    enjoy the weekend,
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    Hey Beth:

    Sounds like you and I have alot in common, I just posted to the board about the same thing. I woke up this morning in a flare and I had prepared to go back to the schools. I'm an agency school based intervention counselor and this too was my firts week. I'm exhausted and achey as well as experiencing some fibro fog that I have not had since June. In addtion our school bldg. is under a major reconstruction and here in PA the week was HUMID with no AC du to the consrtuction. I love working with the students but the noise and just trying to readust can be soooo hard. I will keep you in my thooughts as I work closely with our school nurse and I know how demading your job can be. The idea of taking it one day at time sounds smart to me and by the way have your adult sons do something helpful if they are going to live at your house. I have two younger girls 8 & 11 and they are required to pitch in otherwise life will be miserable for all. Keep us posted, you and I will both make it through this difficult time.
    Take Care,
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    Thank you for your commiseration! What is an agency school based intervention counselor? I don't think we have that title in California.

    Sympathies on the lack of air conditioning at work. Ours was working marginally in the administration building, where my office is, and almost not working at all in the main classroom building. yikes. I know that part of my exhaustion was working in the heat, and for us, high humidity that we have had all summer. (I know it doesn't compare to east coast humidity!) This has been a beastly hot and humid summer for us, but there is a faint hint of Fall in the air now. I know I'll feel better when the weather improves. I seem to have a very narrow temperature range of comfort these days. Either the fibro or I'm just getting old... At least when it's cold I can add more clothes! There's a limit to how much you can take off!

    Hang in, things will improve because they have to.