Fish Oil causing more inflammation?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. msSusan

    msSusan Member

    I seem to get more inflammation (burning pain in feet/shins, wrists/hands) when I try to supplement with good quality fish oil. The brand I have tried includes Vit. E and lists omega-6 as component which may cause my problem. I also had same problem with Evening Primrose and Vit. D at smaller than recommended doses.

    Does anyone else have this problem with feeling of inflammation? Ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 too high?
  2. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    Hi Mssusan,

    I've had increased inflam pain from many diff brands of fish oil. The ONLLY 2 brands I've found that work for me are Carlson's and Nordic Naturals. Sometimes Health Food stores have samples (ask) or you can contact the companies for samples. I am not affiliated in any way. I no longer search for cheaper brands of fish oil, as I have wasted a ton of money on "deals" that gave me pain.

    In my case, I suspect there may be a solvent issue in certain brands, as I have sim. probs with solvented Evening Primrose but not with nonsolvented EP.

    I have to be very careful with Omega 6s, as they are extremely pro-inflam for me. My food is all made from scratch, I have to keep certain nuts & seeds low, & I use monosat oils for my salad dressings. Otherwise, bigtime flares, usually within an hour.

    Best wishes.

  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I too only use Carlson's and Nordic Naturals, same reasons.
  4. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    now I find out that fish oil can give you inflammation? What else? Can someone make a list as a new post and list other things that cause inflammation. Between my husbands celiac disease diet and mine with my meds I am about to scream.

    Thank you for letting me vent but also thanks for the info.
  5. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    Hi there,

    I prepare all of our food gluten-free diet as well. One child (now at college) with latent celiac; one with severe IgE gluten allergy; others of us are gluten-sensitive. My own personal diet is free of not only gluten, but dairy, egg, and nightshades. When my celiac is home, her food must be gluten, dairy, egg, corn, yeast & sulfite free. If nothing else, smile ;) things could always be worse!

    Have you tried a local support group, Gluten Intolerance Group or Celiac Sprue Assoc.? Support groups really saved my bacon when my first child was diagnosed. The GF diet has such a steep learning curve at first. But cheer up! It becomes second nature with time & effort. And there are SO many more options for commercial GF goodies, and even GF dining, than there were seven or eight yrs. ago.

    Keeping a completely GF kitchen made life MUCH easier for me. It's the shopping twice -- cooking twice -- cleaning everything four times that's a killer. With a dedicated kitchen you don't have to worry as much about cross-contamination. There's less stress and THAT ALONE is healing for everyone, cook & celiac alike.

    To clarify on the fish oil: I really don't believe that fish oil, itself, in reasonable doses, causes inflam. It's the chemical impurities ADDED during processing, esp. with the bargain brands, that can trigger inflam. IMO.

    Best wishes.
  6. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    For the past 20 years I have not tolerated essential fatty acids like primrose or borage oil or Omega 3s like fish and flax oils.

    Apparently some people overconvert these oils to a prostglandin called PGE1 which in lower amounts is anti-inflammatory, but in higher levels can actually increase inflammation.

    I've tried all different brands and it's the same no matter what. I get severe joint and muscle pain, headaches, and cramping of smooth muscles.

  7. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    I love Nortic Naturals Cod liver and studies have been done with it..I can totally tell my the effects on my brain when I am not taking it

    God bless~ Dee
  8. Alayne

    Alayne New Member

    If you look at, you'll find many others who cannot tolerate fish oil and any other additional "supplements" with vitamin D. Most of these people report feeling much sicker with additional vitamin D in their diets, myself included.

    See: "Vitamin D Tutorial":

    It has to do with vitamin D being converted into 1,25D which is the active form of the "vitamin" (it isn't actually a vitamin, but a seco-steroid). Anyhow, folks with inflammatory diseases such as CFS, FM, Sarcoidosis, Arthritis, Lyme, etc., have been shown to typically have high 1,25D levels. This causes inflammation.

    Why? Because according to Marshall and other scientists, these diseases are caused by cell wall deficient bacteria that live within blood and tissue cells. They change the make-up of the cells to start producing additional 1,25D, which helps them thrive. Normally, the 1,25D levels are regulated by the kidneys, but when the bacteria become rampant enough, they change the whole 1,25D balance.

    As D acts as a seco-steroid, once the 1,25D levels are raised, this knocks one's whole hormonal balance off kilter, causing a whole slew of hormonal problems and symptoms.

    Also, as the 1,25D levels remain elevated, the bacteria are basically given free rein to multiply and spread, causing even more inflammation.

    Oftentimes folks with low vit D levels think they need to take more D. (I'm not saying your D levels are low, just mentioning this, and fish oil is filled with D.) Anyhow, it seems that often folks with low Vit D levels have high 1,25D levels. This is because the precursor (vit D)is being rapidly converted by the bacteria into 1,25D for their own use. Unfortunately, most patients are only tested for vit D, not 1,25D.

    Anyhow, this is most probably why you're feeling greater inflammation when you take fish oils, evening primrose (lots of D), and of course, D.

    Lest anyone think I'm a lurker/troll or whatever, my diagnosis is ME/CFS & FM. I started the Marshall Protocol about 17 months ago. In that time I've gone from wheelchair or bedbound to a functional, albeit still recovering, life. I've been sick for over 25 years and this is the first time I've known I'm on the right track. I have my life back and it's getting better every day.

    If you're interested, you can also look at this link called: "Hypervitaminosis D Symptoms": It pretty much covers all the different symptoms one can experience with high 1,25D levels.

    I hope this helps! (Actually, I really hope I've made some sense! :))

    All best, Alayne

    Edit: I should add that because because 1,25D is a seco-steroid (compare to prednisone), it can also act for some as an immunosuppressive. Some people feel much better for a while if they take additional D because their immune systems are being suppressed. However, the bacteria are multiplying, and eventually these folks often feel worse down the road. This can take years.

    However, for others, the increase in 1,25D, as mentioned above, becomes instantly noticeable in a negative way - increased inflammation.

    I should also add that healthy folks won't feel the negative effects of additional D because their kidneys can regulate it just fine.
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  9. Kay31

    Kay31 Member

    My skin is sensitive anyway, and the last thing I need is a whitehead....seem to get one each time I take a tablet, even if every other day.
  10. swehling

    swehling New Member

    try nature made brand- I've never had any trouble w/ this brand and I know that it is a quality product!
  11. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    We have been gluten free for 7 years now. My mother-in-law longer. I could now join Bette Hagman and write my own book on the subject. I was just complaining as I take fish oil to help control my cholestrol along with red yeast rice as I can't take the prescribed meds for it so I was just upset about reading about the fish oil.
  12. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I can't tolerate gluten or soy. Lots of celiacs can't digest soy. Most brands of fish oil have some form of soy lecithin added. Carlson is one of the few brands that I've seen with no added soy. I don't react to that brand either.

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