Fish Oil supplements

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dsames, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. dsames

    dsames New Member

    Read Dr. Weil's column on the internet today about the benefits of Fish Oil supplements. Might be very helpful to some of us.
    God bless
  2. jstbrznby

    jstbrznby New Member

    HI, I have a friend who is a nutrionist and she prescribes fish oil all the time. However, I tried it and the oil makes me sick to my stomach everytime so never got past that. Good luck to those who can take it I am sure it is a good thing and wish I could tolerate the stuff.

    Good Luck, JYN
  3. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I've been taking fish oil supplements for quite some time, but sometimes when I burp I get a terrible fishy taste/smell. I think that problem may vary depending on the quality of the supplement, but I'm no expert. Lately, I haven't been having much problem from it, and I think it has helped with some of my symptoms--though right now, I can't recall which ones.

    --Laura R.M.
  4. 2girls

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    Try the Omega 3-6-9 supplement. There is no aftertaste and is quite beneficial - helps with pain and gives our bodies the "good" cholesterol.

  5. Mikie

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    This helps with the belching problem.

    Love, Mikie
  6. starstella

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    take them before meals, that and refrigeration helps stop fishy belches.
  7. sofy

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    I have tried a number of the fish oil supplements and burped them all up repeatedly and tasted like fish all day with the exception of one which is Dale Alexanders, Super Max Epa by Twin Labs. According to the bottle it is treated to prevent spoiling. I know olive oil can go rancid so why not fish oil capsules. I do put the bottle in the fridge just in case. Twin Labs has another cheaper super max fish oil without the Dale Alexander name that makes me taste nasty fish all day too so you have to be careful. a naturopath told me this is the only brand of fish oil to take for whatever that is worth.
  8. ggks

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    Could someone please tell me what the difference is between fish oil supplements and Cod Liver Oil?