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  1. *Isla*

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    Has any one tried taking fish oils for CFS? More importantly, have they helped anyone?

    God bless and keep smilin'!!
  2. rockyjs

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    I get mixed results from fish oils. It seems to help with mood (I feel more positive and hopeful), but I have always gotten severe headaches from fish and fish oil.

    The best we've found as far as taste is Carlson's Norwegian Cod Liver oil. You're supposed to take cod liver oil in the fall and winter for the extra vitamin D, then switch to something like Max EPA fish oils in the spring and summmer when you get more sun exposure.

    I rub a little on my skin and seem to absorb enough that way to give me some benefits without the severe headaches. I think the study is encouraging, but I'm not sure it's as simple as taking more fish oil. CFIDS comes from so many different roots and I don't think there will ever be any one cure, but at least it may be a piece of the puzzle.

  3. lgaye

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    I bought A. Lessman's Omega 6;been on it for 1 month; really haven't noticed much difference, but I have read so much about its benefits. But, Dr. Teitelbaum (my doc) says it's really important when you take these to make sure they are cautious about mercury; as there are certain fish oils that contain mercury and apparently that is very harmful to us.
  4. destinygsmom

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    What I use is Salmon Oil, because it doesn't have a stinky fish smell!
  5. Mikie

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    My eye doc wants me to take them because the glands in my eyelids do not produce enough oil to make tears. He said there is a big difference in quality of them and I am now using the pharma-grade I buy at the pharmacy (no Rx required).<BR>
    I think fish oil is good for us in general but I don't know that they help my CFIDS/ME per se.<BR>
    My overall cholesterol is good but the ratio of HDL to LDL isn't ideal and I'm hoping the fish oil will help.<BR>
    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is sold OTC so is not covered by ins. There are several brand names. The one I got is from Ocean Blue Professional. It costs $32 for 120 capsules. Sixty capsules cost $17. Our local Publix market had a BOGO on them and I got two of the 60 capsule bottles for $17. I was suprised to see them on a BOGO sale. If it weren't for my eye doc's insistence on pharmaceutical-grade fish oil for my Sjogren's-like symptoms, I likely would still be using the cheaper stuff.<BR>
    Love, Mikie