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    I watched a program last night on was on the show called Diagnosis unknown. It was about the bodies of water in Maryland and North Carolina being plagued with Fisteria( a very old bacteria). I think this happened in or around 1998. Well the fisherman started to get sick with these lesions on their bodies and they developed severe brain fog and cognitive difficulties...with problems in their left frontal cortex of the brain. Think this is similiar with us ( the brain part ) and skin rashes that we all have sometimes. So they could not find anything in blood tests from these people and the docs did not know what to do.....LOLOLOL...sound familiar? They finally started believing the fisherman...and the governor closed down the rivers. Their were some scientists there that were studying the bacteria and determined that there was a toxin being released by the fisteria bacteria that was making these people sick. This is thought to be a cause with these mycoplasms that we have. They did a test with blood of humans and found that these fisteria bacteria loved to eat and devour Human Blood.....Yuck !!! They did not find any treatment for these people and some still suffer to this day !!!!!!!! Does anybody live in those states mentioned that can share anymore info? The one doctor in North Carolina gave some of his patients a med that began with a C.... can't remember the name. This med was also used for people that have toxic metal levels in their the idea that binding occurred with the med and the bacteria and helped rid the body of them. Only the people that were treated early showed any benefits from this treatment though. I wanted to share this info because we are all not alone with being affected with these stealth bacteria and maybe we can somehow get together with others that experience similiar conditions to make our plight heard. Thanks Hippen