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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksp56, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. ksp56

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    Hey Suzy!

    It is 9:30 a.m. my time. Just wondering if you are online?

    I will continue to check in. Let me know what time it is, your time that you are on. Pretty please! We are three hours ahead of you!

    Maybe, we can catch each other soon!

    Love and kisses!

  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Good post yesterday...don't understand the lack of response.

    I am on but just to check in and now I'm going to take a nap. It's 3 PM my time and 6 yours. I would love to get on at the same time, but it seems almost doomed to be a chase. (-:

    HOpe your weekend was good at the lake a couple weeks ago. We went to talk to a designer to help us and draw the plans for our house. Plan to start building next spring. Can't believe it is actually that close. Very exciting and very scary. Change is so scary to me, but Jim is ready and raring to go. Personalities.

    Take care, and I'll try to check in a little more often. Been gone and been busy. Fall is here and as we're moving in less than a year and I'm so unpredictable in my good days, I want to start packing non-essentials. Amazing to think. I've only moved once in the last 33 years....19 years in one place and 14 years here. Time ot weed stuff out!

  3. ksp56

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    Thanks for the comment regarding 9/11. To be truthful, I thought there would be more response. I guess aches and pain over shadow the meaning of this important day of rememberance! It made me a bit sad...

    Girl, I know you are busy. We'll just have to keep checking in. I cannot get the chat room to open. Need to check my browser or something!

    Did I tell you, Elizabeth and I went to look at wedding gowns? I think she found the one she wants. I cried. She looked so beautiful.

    Kevin has a fulltime job and seems to be happier with himself. I KNOW we are! LOL

    Jim left for Germany this afternoon. Makes me a little nervous but I know he will be fine!

    How are the newlyweds? Your mom? And you, my special friend?


  4. fivesue

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    It is only about 20 minutes after you posted...are you still on?

    I'll post this and then write more on another.

  5. ksp56

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    Are you 'tootsie'?
  6. fivesue

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    The newlyweds? They seem to be doing great. Just got an invitation to come to their house for Thanksgiving, but sadly, we must decline...Jim's mom (92+) seems to be failing mentally and physically. We may have to go sooner, but if not, we are going to drive to Santa Barbara to get her and then drive to Jim's sis's for Thanksgiving. Jim calls her often and he had a good talk with her caregiver last night. Think things may be winding down. Sad...

    My mom is doing OK. Next week will be their 60th wedding anniversary, and I'm not sure how she will handle that. A pretty big day to be the first alone. Will be talking to my sis and brother to see what's happening.

    Good news...the mayofacial release therapy is wonderful. I even took a walk this AM...first time in I can't remember how long. It felt good, but I didn't overdo it as I know I have to build up. Have a big day today.

    Elizabeth in a wedding wonderful. I can imagine you cried. I don't have a daughter, but I can just imagine. Kevin with a full-time job? How wonderful.

    Did you ever get your special bed? Has is helped, if so?

    My arm is hurting as I have done quite a bit of writing today...things to be done, so I'm going to close. Take care of yourself, and also, if you think of MamaR, please keep her in your prayers. Her husband broke his ankle, and now she is having to do so much more, and frankly, her body is very fragile. She is an amazing person...just like you. I don't know how you do what you do.

    Take care, dear friend.

  7. ksp56

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    Darn, I was in the chat room, trying to find my way around.

    I cannot open the post 'Kim'...arrghhhhh

    I will certainly keep MamaR in my prayers. She is a wonderful person...such as yourself.

    Jim's mother, and of course all of you, will be in my thoughts and prayers. How sad.

    How nice of the newlyweds to invite you for Thanksgiving! I'm happy they are enjoying 'marital bliss'!

    I imagine your mom and dad's 60th will be difficult. It was for Mom, when my parents 50th followed the year after he died. All of those years spent being with someone and now trying to adjust to the 'oneness' (is that a word?!) of a two person world. God Bless her and your family..

    We HAVE to hook up! I would really like to exchange email!

    Take care sweetie!


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    I should be home tomorrow morning...I would lov e to have your e-mail address, and although many people just list the e-mail address on here, I'm sure we would get caught.


    The reason you couldn't open Kim was that I deleted it. It was just asking if you were still there...and since I didn't think you were, I deleted it...just an extra thing that would clog up the board.

    Think I'll check the chat room to see if you're there.

    Who knows?


  9. fivesue

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    Just wondering....I tried...(-:
  10. fivesue

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    I didn't get the address right....AAGGGHHH! I just wrote you a long note and now it will come back. I am so ticked at myself! Maybe I'll check the chatroom again.

    I hope you got mine down...must me old age on my part. How did I do that? close.