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    thx for the answer and the encouragement. i have been doing some checking on some of the medical sights and saw some of my symptoms from my thyroid. i never expected a nodule that may or may not be cancer. i sure will be glad when this year is over and hope next year will be better. my father-in-law needs to have another heart catherazation done,he is refusing. i don't know for sure what that is all about,he won't say anything. i guess at 81 it's his choice. take care and hope your feeling at least a little better.biddy
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    Yes, at 81 it's sometimes very hard to get through to a person...He's an adult and has handled his life for a long time, so now he's not wanting to confront these symptoms. I really don't blame him although it is very important for him to continue treatment. His doctors have probably dealt with all this before, so I bet they will talk to him in a way that family can't.

    Yes, your year has been awful. I do hope next year is better. Your appointment is really right around the corner. That's good. The next step will present itself after that.

    We will be gone for a couple of weeks, so I don't know how regular I will be checking on your progress. But, I am praying for you and your appointment.

    Take care of yourself...

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