Fivesue...Your Brother Too?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksp56, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Hey Sue! I hope you are feeling a little better. Resting and slowing down for a day hopefully, will help!

    Sue, we have so much in common. It is wild, even with the bad and sad times. Maybe we were meant to meet?

    My younger brother, Kevin, died soon after his 19 birthday, in April of 1977. His best friend was driving and missed a curve. Kevin took the brunt of the injuries and died 18 hours later.

    He was my other half. The very best friend I've ever had. Not that we didn't fight... LOL I was 21 months older than him. It was the most horrid experience of my life, with Dad's death close behind.

    There was a Dan Fogleberg Album, 'Twin Sons of a Different Mother'! I think we may be the same, only daughters of course!

    I do agree with you. When asked how many brother I have,it is always two. Thinking of my family, I always think of five. It takes me a few seconds to think three, only.
    Sad isn't it?

    Write me and tell me more of your brother, etc. It set the tone for much of life when he died. Much good, some not so...

    Can you believe this?


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    BUMP!!! Hee hee!
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    He died in 1970 in a single car accident. He had just been home from a year's stint in Vietnam (Air Force), he bought himself a big, powerful car, and continued to drink, etc. On the way back to his base one night, he just drove off a curve, was thrown 300 ft. to a railroad track and killed instantly. He was 21 and I was 23.

    My brother and I were not close. He was the child who caused problems in the house, constantly picked on our younger sibs whom I protected because I was older and, for a whole bunch of years, stronger. We had begun becoming closed and he was getting closer with all of us when he died. So sad. He died in November, 1970, and my dad died in December, 2005...almost 35 years to the day. It was harder to bury Bob than Dad, though it was hard for both. But, Bob was just too young. I agree with you there.

    It was a horrible time; he was too young to die and we all felt that we had been cheated out of a chance to know him. My parents bought grave sites near his. So, when we buried Dad, we went and placed flowers on Bob's grave...three for his three siblings. Teary time.

    So, that's where your son Kevin got his name. Interestingly enough, my son Kevin's middle name is Robert after my brother. My oldest son was only a year old when this happened.

    Boy, this is very interesting that we should have to many common experiences, isn't it?

    I wonder what else we have in common? The song is a good fit. Isn't it interesting that with this new age of communication that you and I could meet, living a couple thousand miles apart and become friends? A really neat thing. Really boggles my mind.

    Are you ready to go south? I hope the weather is good for your trip. Did you find some good clothes? How are you feeling? I'm better today, thanks. It was good just to rest yesterday. Today I feel like moving, so I'll be doing some things.

    Have a good trip if I don't talk to you before. Relax...have fun with your friends.


    PS I believe that all of life is by design, so yes, we were meant to meet. That's a neat thought. A very nice surprise to know you, friend! (-:

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    Heck no Susie, I have been out power shopping! Using all of Jim's hard earned cash! I did buy him a pair of shoes! LOL

    I needed some tops and found some cuties. It made for me trying on my clothes from last summer, that I could not zip up. Oh yeah. That look of me in the mirror brought on rapid depression.

    Jim is out of town until tmw night. Which is good. I am a 'tad' upset with both he and my darling son. Honestly, it is wonderful to be alone! So, we can make up on the trip, or not! LOL

    Are you still on? What are YOU doing!

    We HAVE to 'meet'. I would love to actually see you and Patti in person someday....

    Now, come on Baby. Let's do the shake! Come on Baabyyy, lets do the shake! I don't know where that came from! I think we need to meet in person and shake things up! Even meet in chat!

    Find and seek..... You're it...


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    Hey! Where are you?!

    If we don't connect, I will talk with you after I get home from GA, next Sunday.

    Have a good week and take care...



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