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    You are right. I noticed on the heating pad posting that we have not had a chance to 'catch up'.

    I am having lots of body aches and stiffness. I am getting around fairly well, so far. I know a flare is probably in my future, but i hope not soon.

    How have you been?

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    Good to hear from you. I am having such trouble with my legs. If I do not take pain meds I can hardly move.
    I am thinking about taking longer walks than just around the block and that maybe they will loosen up.

    So far, no flare. I would love to go to my sister's place in Florida for the holidays, but am not up to the trip.

    Do you celebrate the holidays or of a different denomination?

  3. NyroFan

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    Yes, I also celebrate Christmas. Usually I go to the church and celebrate there. Many families go, as do people like me:no releatives or 'friends' (who disappeared when I got sick).

    It will also be nice to have the church service before eating. It brings the term 'reason for the season' come alive.

    I do not know what a Costco is, but will do a search on it.

    Kneecap out of wack and the usual aches and pains.

    I hope you continue having a good season!


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