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    Was just thinking of you!!

    How are you feeling? Are you feeling any better from the cold and back pain?? I pray you are getting plenty of rest.

    Just want you to know Prayer's are going up for you hun!!

    I had a really tireing day today...pushed myself a little to hard, so im going to sign off for now and lay down for awhile. Will check back tomorrow sometime.

    God Bless
    ((Love & Prayers))
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    Thank you for your nice note. My back is better as is the cold...never really materialized like I thought it might. Probably allergies.

    I feel pretty rotten, but you know, it's OK. Just have to deal with what's given. Going to my mother's on Sunday...drive halfway, spend the night and then go the rest of the way on Monday. The same coming home. Between children and mothers, my husband and I are very busy.

    I'm sorry you pushed so hard. Take care of yourself. I'll be you find pacing yourself is very hard...I do. You are so young and I am so sorry that you must deal with this at such a young age. Heavens, my youngest son is older than you!

    Take care of yourself.

    Praying for you...for health and strength.


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    How has your day been? I pray less-pain & fatigue!! I'm so happy to hear your back is feeling better and the cold is all better and glad it didn't get worse. You are very welcome for the note...I was just thinking about you and praying you were feeling better....I'm sorry you are feeling rotten though....will continue to pray for you hun.

    When we have so much to do and things that have to be done, it can become very stressful and overwhelming for us, which brings on more things/symptons....I know it's like that for me.

    I'm glad to hear you will be stoping half way to and back from your mother's....sounds like a great plan and will allow you to get some rest along the way. How far away is your mom??

    Yes, I surly did push myself to hard yeaterday...and I had to go back out today(had no choice)....so im feeling like a mack-truck has ran over me and it backed up too. I hardely ever go out 2 days in a row anymore... It's so sad we have to suffer for trying to do things we need and want to do.

    You know it's hard on anyone at any age that has to deal with all we deal with...and I try to stay postive as much as I can and I know, I could always be in a worse shape then I'm in...BUT, I often feel like my youth has been taking from me....it's really depressing.....

    But all we can do is take one day at a time and ask God to help us through!!

    Continued Prayers going Up for you Sue & Family!!

    ((Love & Prayers))