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    Sorry i havn't gotten back to your post on the gas & Temp post,,,,,I'm slow ,,,,,,I'm so glad your enjoying a warmer climate and that Felix is loving his big back yard!,,,,,,,

    We have Electric heat here where i live and it's been on for a few weeks now!,,,,,,,,We got our first Snow of the season today (in the valleys),,,,,,,,Dad's doing great! He's quite the social BUg!,,,am planning to visit him this weekend!,,,,,,,Hope you and DH are doing great,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
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    I don't mean to get in the way of your post to Fivesue, just wanted to let you know she has been in and out of town a lot and may not see your post right away.
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    Oh~~~Ok! Thanks for letting me know! I'll just leave it up for awhile to see if we hear from Her!,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,,,,,Sis
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    I replied to your gas post again.

    Yes, we love where we are and today it was 75 degrees. We spent a week in Eureka getting our condo ready as we have a buyer. They are asking for the most ridiculous things I can believe! Never have we had such people buying anything from us.

    Anyway, glad you have the heat on and hope the winter isn't too bad for you this year. My Felix has an extra thick coat now....not good news.

    Dinner is ready...I'll chat again soon. Thanks for asking about me.

  5. sisland

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    There you are!,,,,,,,Some buyers are way to picky!,,,,,75 degrees sounds Glourious!,,,,,,Yes the perils of winter!,,,,,,,,I ordered a new warmer Coat,,,,for the Cold Doggie walks,,lolol,,,,,My best to Felix,,,,and DH,,,,I grew up just out of Eureka MT......and it's nothing like Eureka CA,,,,i'm sure,,,,,,,,,,,Goodluck with the sale of your Condo ,,,,,,,,,,,Sis